discovering your deepest connection and loving beyond patterns 

Energetic and intuitive couples work with Lee is an extraordinarily powerful way to approach your relationship. While he has worked with many couples going through challenges, most couples choose to work with him because they are keen to learn more about their connection and discover new possibilities for their relationship.  

Rather than responding to a problem and attempting to fix it, Lee approaches sessions as time to give to you, both individually and as a couple. In other words, couples sessions are an exciting process of receiving—with Lee giving both of you clear and encouraging insights that come through intuitively. In addition to addressing you personally, he will describe the energetics of your relationship to you—highlighting the gifts, the challenges, and the untapped possibilities. As he observes the way the two of you respond to the information provided, and how you respond to each other, he is able to help build a stronger bridge between you…a deeper bond of love. Pricing for a 60-minute Couples Session is $597. 

AWESOME! Thank you so much for working with us! You are such an inspiration to our soul! Thank you for connecting some of our missing dots and giving us the clarity we were seeking. We are honored and full of gratitude for the time we were able to spend with you! We can’t wait to listen to it time and time again!
— Deb and Lang
Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for our couples session last week - Ishala and I found it very confirmatory and your accuracy and laser guided perceptions of our situations and experiences were amazing - thank you so much... all of you :-)
— Nick and Ishala