US & CA Tour: Soul Ignition 1-Day Workshop


Amplify Your Love for Life!

A one-day workshop with Lee Harris

A Personal Note from Lee:

Too often, our spiritual lives and our daily human lives are lived as two separate worlds. The cost of this separation is so incredibly high, leaving us with a sense of loss, grief, or isolation! Worst of all, it disconnects us from living our purpose on Earth.

If this description hits home, let me change that with you!

Join me for Soul Ignition, a workshop where laughter, support, inspiration, and the elevation of consciousness all weave together so that you can open up to your soul-self — the you that you came here to be.  

Together, we’ll make it a day that you will remember as a turning point — where you began to feel more like you again and got radically clear about the actions you needed to take next in your life.    

I look forward to showing you more of who you are… and sharing a few cosmic surprises along the way.  :-)

Big love

If you sometimes feel a little tired, uninspired, or frustrated about not attaining certain goals or dreams, you are not alone. If you’re over feeling aligned with the suffering of the world rather than optimistic about the future, everything is about to change for the better.

Get ready.

In this one-day workshop with renowned transformational teacher Lee Harris, your passion for living — YOUR LOVE FOR LIFE — will be re-ignited. Lee will take you on a multi-dimensional journey, a fascinating exploration of your emotions, perceptions, and consciousness. Getting to the beating heart of what brings you most alive, the world will look very different by the end of the day.

As a gifted intuitive and retreat leader, working with tens of thousands around the world over the past twelve years, Lee creates an extraordinary space for awareness, healing, and change to occur with ease. His uncommon clarity, warmth, and humor — along with a bit of good-natured rebellion from old ideas of what it means to be “spiritual” — all set the tone for a day that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Will I have a breakthrough?

If the internal voices of doubt or cynicism have grown too loud (after one too many disappointments or heartbreaks), on this day you will hear the voice of your soul rise above the din. Uplifted and empowered from the deepest place within yourself, you can begin to experience profound yet completely practical shifts in your life…     

Feel free in your communication with others rather than censored by self-judgment and fear.

Feel free to be open and vulnerable in your close relationships, discovering the kind of boundaries that allow love to flourish.

Feel free in your choices in life, trusting that everything will be ok, whatever you choose.

Whether you are 18 or 88, feel free to get deeply excited about what comes next for you…


Lee will be assisted by his partner, Steven Washington, who will teach short and simple qigong exercises for daily balance. Steven is a master teacher of the mind-body-spirit connection through multiple modalities, including dance, Pilates, qigong, and bodywork.