The opening of a session with Lee is like receiving your own personal Energy Forecast. Lee focuses on you using his intuition, expanded senses, and higher understanding—delivering that information to you before moving on to answer any questions you may have. No topic is off-limits and all questions are important, so any aspect of your life you want to explore will be addressed. Pricing for a 60-minute Individual Session is $597.

Thanks again for that truly amazing session! The energy keeps on moving and moving and moving, quite amazing actually.
— Matthias
Bless you and THANK YOU!! I really feel like today I’ve been given permission to be me. So much is ringing round in my head from that meeting, everything you said had me spot on. :) I look forward to hearing it again! And one day seeing you in body!!
— Indra
WOW! Lee’s session was like a breath of fresh air. He is so clear, and genuine. It was exactly what I needed to do. I would not call it a session, but a consciousness movement.
— Antonette