2020: The Annual Energy Forecast

Watch the full video replay of Lee's annual Energy Forecast below...

Are you ready to take the next step?

Lee's flagship online program, Rebirth 2020, is his most popular offering of the year. Scroll down to learn about it and register for just $79!



The year ahead is going to be unlike any we've ever experienced.


That is why I've designed Rebirth 2020: to deliver core teachings for our future during the most transformational time of the year.
This all-new experience includes video teaching, exclusive audio downloads, PDF worksheets, live teaching broadcasts and a private, supportive community of like-minded souls from all over the world.
We will release new content every day for the 7 days that Rebirth 2020 is running live, but you will forever have access to the materials. So there is no rush and no need to be present for every day if that doesn’t suit your schedule.
Come along with me on this journey and step into 2020 with a renewed sense of confidence, power and optimism.

Lee x

The Modules We'll Cover...



7 Days of All New Content from Lee to Help You Navigate the Year Ahead
Two Live Broadcasts with Lee Online: January 7th and 13th (Full Replays Provided)
Bonus Materials including an Exclusive Channel from Lee "Cosmic Ambassadors", Available to you as soon as you Register 
Downloadable Audio Files of Every Module So You Can Listen to the Teaching Anywhere You Go
A Private Members Area where all Course Videos, Audio Downloads and Bonus Materials are Neatly Stored for You
Private Members Forum + Private Facebook Support Group
Lifetime Course Access


All this for just $79! 

Registration closes forever on January 31st


Cosmic Ambassadors is a brand new, deeply profound channeled teaching which was recorded live at Lee's recent Soul Magic retreat in Costa Rica.
You'll have immediate access to stream or download the audio upon registration.
This recording is being made available exclusively to Rebirth 2020 participants  - it won't be available anywhere else!

"Wow! Day 1, I cried. I was surprised at some things I wrote down. But I have come away feeling very uplifted and charged. A lot of heart energy in there for me. Which I am ecstatic to feel for sure. I feel like I am shedding off the old me, to be open to the new."

"Thank you for a life changing 7 days!"

"Wow! I don't know what else to say at the moment. My "self" is absorbing all of this on so many different levels, energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, like I was "starving" for the nutrients of these lessons on every level of being! Wow........!"

Since 2004, I've been a transformation guide, intuitive and channeler for tens of thousands around the world. I've learned about the elements needed for a supported and grounded transformation to take place. I've also witnessed profound, gentle and true rebirths occur when we come together and focus our intentions as a group.

That's why I've created REBIRTH 2020.

Transformation is strong on the planet right now and this affects each of us in unique, potent and perfect ways. Whether that shows up for you as a book you know you want to create, a community you feel to lead, a move of location or a relationship that needs to transform - if you feel something new is needed in your life, you are right in the heart of current energies. 

Rebirth 2020 is a 7-day, exclusively online experience, meaning you can join us from the comfort of your home, wherever you live in the world. Everything is archived for you to revisit/replay.

We will be focusing YOUR Intentions for 2020 while gently releasing the energies of 2019 that you no longer need. Discovery and magic will be a big part of this as I will be giving an Energy Forecast for the year ahead and channeling the Zs on 2020 and beyond. There will also be bonus content delivered to you on certain days - so a wealth of information, energy and healing will occur.

Once you have signed up for REBIRTH 2020, you will receive login credentials to access the private members area and the exclusive channeled recording, Cosmic Ambassadors. We'll kick things off with a live broadcast on January 7th and course modules will be released each day for the 5 days thereafter. We'll close with a live Q&A broadcast where I'll take your questions on the year ahead. 

Feeling the call?

Join us!

I can’t wait to take this journey with you.



All this for just $79! 

Registration closes forever on January 31st

"Thank you Lee and your team for making this workshop doable and affordable. I have been following you for about 4 years now and have always wanted to experience your Energy Mastery work shops. This Rebirth 2018 has been an awesome experience for me. So cool to see you channel! So much gratitude."

"Dearest Lee, I say it, I write, I text it and I tell it. You are phenomenal as a human being, a brilliant transformational wise teacher and a Master Bringer of Blessings to the world. Thank you for this class!"

"Thank you so much Lee Harris, you are such a gift and I am so grateful to have found you and get to experience this with your guidance and 2,000 incredibly beautiful souls! Magic continues to course through my veins every time I interact with this group and I am so grateful and ready to bring magic and oneness into my being in 2018"


  • Will all of the material be available when I register for the course or is it released over time?

As soon as you register, you'll receive access to an exclusive channel that Lee recorded called Cosmic Ambassadors, which is not available anywhere else. Then, on January 7th, Lee will lead a live broadcast online to kick off the experience. For the next 5 days therafter, a new module will be released once per day, concluding with a final live broadcast online on the 7th day, January 13th.


  • Do I have to download all these video files in order to watch them?

    No, you can stream all of the video content inside the members area via computer or smartphone so it's not clogging up your hard drive.


  • What if I want to take the material with me to listen to in the car, subway, airplane, while walking on the beach, etc?

    We're providing you with downloadable audio files of every video so you can download and move them to whatever device you want to take with you. It's all very easy to follow inside the members area.


  • Does the material expire or can I come back and revisit it whenever I want?

    You'll have lifetime access to the material and it will remain neatly stored for you in the members area. So, you can come back to it as often as you like and you don't need to worry about storing, finding or losing the files.


  • What is the outcome I can expect from this course? What is it going to give me?

    This experience will give you practical tools that you can use in your daily life to navigate situations in relationships, career pursuits, family dynamics and creative endeavors. You'll also learn techniques to reduce stress, stay grounded and set intentions for success and happiness. Attendees at Lee's past live and online events report breakthroughs, healings, and a greater sense of self-worth through the work that Lee offers. The private community that gathers around Rebirth will also offer you support throughout the entire year.


  • What happens in the private Facebook group?

    We'll open the private Facebook Group on January 5th and it will remain open indefinitely. This forum will provide a private space for those who are taking the course to share their personal experiences (only if you wish), offer support to one another, learn from others' experiences, exchange thoughts on the material, form friendships and enhance the course experience. Nothing you post here will be seen by anyone who's not taking the course. The Lee Harris Team (including Lee), will also join in from time to time to share posts, answer questions, offer support and forge friendships of our own.


  • What is the refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature of this course and the detailed description on this page about what is included in the course, we do not offer any refunds.

All this for just $79! 

Registration closes forever on January 31st


Photos of Lee by Tanya Malott.


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