Energy Update December 2018

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December 2018 is going to be a month with a STRONG ENERGY OF LEVELLING-UP for most of us on the planet, particularly those of you who identify as lightworkers, changemakers or wayshowers. Now, you may read this and want to say, “Oh my god, it's been one hell of a levelling-up year already!”, and I would agree with you. But this levelling-up energy and experience is going to continue and culminate quite strongly from now through the end of February. There is a completion arc to the energy shifts of this year in action right now. The levelling-up is designed to get you to see, and experience your life at a new level of consciousness and authentic, present POWER, so this means our old patterns can sometimes roar a little louder during this kind of process.


For those of you noticing this, or feeling you are having regression moments, strong resistance, fear, or you’re just going through a tough time, be as loving and as kind to yourself as you can right now (and WHENEVER you go through these periods of time). Be a loving parent to yourself and your journey right now. Given how strong the planetary, political and human energies are, all across the world, it's quite the ride and so being as kind to yourself as you can and nurturing yourself when and where able, WILL BE VITAL, RATHER THAN A LUXURY.


The reason these RESISTANCES AND FEAR PERIODS arise is that we tend to go through speed bumps in our journey during a levelling-up period. And WE CAN’T TAKE OUR OLD BAGGAGE WITH US INTO A NEW JOURNEY.


So you might suddenly have what you experience as a breakthrough (new level of clarity, relationship, changing of an old pattern) and then you can have a little regression or a crash, followed by a breakthrough and some euphoria or happiness, then another little regression or crash. This is what characterises our RIDING A STRONG WAVE OF ENERGY and using it for DEEP TRANSFORMATION. It is what these current years are all about but certain months are stronger than others for each individual and DECEMBER THROUGH FEBRUARY is no different.


I sometimes meet people who have a belief that they should be balanced or constant all the time and that's a myth - none of us are. And the reason I bring this into sharp focus for you the next few months is - the energies are intense and the way we handle them (and allowing our own ups and downs as part of that) will be KEY TO OUR BALANCE within it all.



Knotted emotions rising in the collective is something to be aware of in December. People are feeling emotions VERY deeply, which can result in outbursts or over-reactivity. It can also trigger more EMOTIONALLY OPEN CONVERSATIONS than you are used to, or be a call for you to SUPPORT OTHERS through what they are experiencing. So in order to navigate this, know which moments you may also need a short break from all the emotions around you, in order to stay balanced in your own.


At a deeper level, there is an invitation for all of us to be able TO GO BEYOND the knotted and the wounded emotions - such as fear, frustration and anger. A lot of this energy we are passing through and out IS ANCESTRAL and the very new times we are heading into, are raising that up for clearing now.


This is also a time where SAFETY is really in question for many people all over the world. Many are going through awakening experiences through looking at the world and not understanding what they are seeing or feeling out of sync.


It can be frightening to be human sometimes, and fear can be part of our experience here.

But most importantly, we need to stay mindful of WHEN AND HOW FEAR IS FED TO US. We are fed and swallow fear, from other people and sources, and it is that fear which drives us into these KNOTTED EMOTIONS, where we feel overwhelmed or like we can’t breathe or function because of our emotional or psychological state.


So be as COMPASSIONATE as you can to others if you are not in one of these phases, and be a shoulder to lean on (when you can) to those people who you see going through mini-breakdowns (later to become breakthroughs) or emotionally crumbling.


Of course, look after yourself when you need to, but most of us can handle being the shoulder for others when it comes to them dealing with their inner landscapes, and that’s what many of us are here for. That is part of our path, OUR MISSION and it's how we are supposed to GIVE BACK. Just as other people on the planet will give to us from their skills or missions. We are one tribe and perhaps your skill is to help those around you who you see are in knotted emotions, tight emotions, reactive emotions. Maybe you are designed to be the balm to help them through it? Something to consider this month, especially if this is a new way of thinking for you.

So, just sit with that as you notice these little explosions going on around you. And we are also coming up to Christmas, which is often an emotionally intense time for people. This happens through the combination of busyness, travel and a time where family/childhood energy or issues can rise to the surface, the wounds of disconnection as well as great connection, great love, great heart-opening. It’s a perfect storm emotionally.


So, be mindful of how many people are in EMOTIONAL NEED right now and remember that even JUST A SMILE from you or a loving look can and may make a difference. As can you simply listening and supporting without judgment while they have a meltdown - that moment could be huge for them and help them feel understood at an all new level. THE POWER OF SUPPORT IS A MUCH NEEDED HEALING FORCE. And is driven by the kind of compassion that builds community and that spreads across the planet.



A number of you currently feel you are ‘on hold’ or playing a waiting game;, waiting for life or a transformation to happen. If you are peaceful and surrendered to that, it will be a potent month or two around new birth for you. But if you are experiencing an anger or a frustration around this, the message for you is that the anger and frustration CAN’T GO WITH YOU.


The anger and the frustration at being ‘stopped or stalled’ is actually the reason for it. These emotions are WHAT YOU ARE GETTING IN TOUCH WITH, so you can burn them off yet also harness the positive fire energy within, before you move into your new circumstance or your new relationship. And that’s really important.


So for any of you who are feeling really hacked off at the way that things are going right now, instead of deciding that something has gone wrong in your world, or that the Universe has forgotten you, INSTEAD get really curious about the part of you that is hacked off, angry, frustrated. “What is this anger trying to tell me, what part of my energy field is trying to Rebirth itself?”


If you feel anger is a really chronic issue for you, get some help to unpack it. Find a counsellor or a therapist or a healer or a friend who can help you just sit with this anger and open it out.


Because for many of you who feel you are playing a waiting game and are frustrated about it, my question to you is, “There are actions you can take to change things, so if you are feeling that those actions aren't something you are willing to take or are taking or that the Universe isn't supporting you - what are you getting out of this pause period, this emotion and what is this emotion trying to tell you?”. It’s a really important question for you, so don't beat yourself up if I’m describing you right now. There is transformation for you on the other side of this fire and there is energy in that anger and that frustration. And you can and will unlock it and figure it out so that you can move forward.



Connection, (which is love), or Judgement, (which is fear) will be under the microscope in December and will show up in most of our lives. The dance between connection and judgement, and how our judgement of others (or ourselves) keeps us OUT OF OUR HEARTS and out of connection with ourselves and with others.


You may be finding opportunities and relationship moments coming up in a BIG WAY right now to help you explore this side of yourself. Also many of you will be connecting to new opportunities through this: people you wouldn't normally connect to and experiences that you would normally deny yourself.


So ask yourself, “Am I experiencing judgment or AM I EXPERIENCING CONNECTION?”


For those of you who are deeply experiencing connection, you might be feeling your heart, your experience of presence, presence with this planet, presence with other people - at an all new level. Incredibly present moments of connection with the Universe, consciousness, yourself. Very awake.


Equally, some will be experiencing the opposite, feeling withdrawn from people, cocooned away from life and judgemental of the outside world. If that is your story, just get curious about WHY judgment feels better to you than connection right now. Is it a need for recovery OR JUST AN OLD HABIT you can now let go of?


Remember we don't stay in one place permanently in life - LIFE IS A MOVEMENT.


But if you are willing to get curious about what you might call your shadow side or your more negative emotions, this is a time when you are going to move them out and reconnect INCREDIBLY QUICKLY and consciously. You will be surprised just how quickly you come out of those judgements and into new and brighter experiences.



We are built to handle change. Only fear tells us that we aren't.  We are built to handle change, it is what we are here for, it is WHAT MANY OF US ARE HERE TO SHEPHERD.


And so if you find yourself getting caught in fear - perhaps someone is telling you a story about how things are going to go and you start to panic, or a news source is telling you a story about how awful the world is - just be really mindful about fear as propaganda and how fear is used to limit us and our potential.


And for all of us, one of the biggest mastery tests that we are going through right now is HOW DO WE WORK WITH OUR FEAR as it comes up, transmute it and get back to the place where we TRUST WHO WE ARE AND THE PROCESS OF LIFE on a day to day basis.


I'm not saying that's always easy. For most of us, living that way all of the time is not normal. But that is where we are all being asked to go now. More and more people are popping into that state of being and all of us are learning to sustain and ground that more than before.

Thank you for tuning in and lots of love everyone, have a great December.





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