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Free Live Webinar with Lee on Beyond the Ordinary Show

No matter where you are in your spiritual and cosmic evolution we are at a point where it is time to gather everything that you have learned and integrated and to get serious about how to apply it to our ability to create the life that your heart and soul are leading you towards. There is a new flood of opportunity available to us now and I want to share with you how to ride this wave in the most empowered way possible.

Click below to register and Join me for this free LIVE webinar on Wednesday, September 27th at 5 pm Pacific Time, where I have been asked by John Burgos, host of Beyond The Ordinary Show,  to speak alongside a specially selected group of teachers and share the tools that will help you take that next big leap forward in your conscious evolution. 

Are you ready to take it up a notch? 

Are you ready to find out why you’ve been doing all of this personal transformation and learn how to reap the fruits of your labor? 

Are you ready to see and feel your gifts in action? (Or even discover the gifts you’ve been cultivating?) 

If so, sign up now for this FREE call to get your virtual front row seat where, as a member of my community, you also get VIP access so that can ask me your personal question!

By joining today you’ll also get access to Bonus Meditations and Activations exclusive to the BTO community!

We are living in exciting times and it gets even more exciting when you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to leverage all of the work you have done up until now. The time has come to put it all together so that you can discover the masterpiece you’ve been creating all of this time! Get ready for a major, beautiful and empowering shift! 

With love,

PS: If you can't join us Live, replays are available the evening after the original LIVE BROADCAST until the following Monday at 10am PT / 1pm ET.