Energy Mastery: Los Angeles

  • The Westin Hotel Los Angeles Airport 5400 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90045 United States

3 days of life-changing transformation, using energy work, channeling, bodywork and live sound healing sessions

Lee discusses the Energy Mastery experience...

Somewhere inside, you are ready to leave struggling in the past, sensing that the next stage of your personal evolution can be a process of exciting discovery, enjoyment, and even amusement. And you are right.

For three magic-filled days, assisted by devotional musician/music producer Narada Wise and teacher of the mind-body-spirit connection Steven Washington, Lee will take you on a multi-dimensional journey into Energy Mastery. A fascinating expansion of your emotions, perceptions, and consciousness. Getting to the beating heart of what brings you most alive, the world will look very different by the end of the retreat.

As a gifted intuitive and retreat leader, working with tens of thousands around the world over the past twelve years, Lee creates an extraordinary space for awareness, healing, and change to occur with ease. His uncommon clarity, warmth, and humor — along with a bit of good-natured rebellion from old ideas of what it means to be “spiritual” — all set the tone for a weekend that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Core components of the retreat include:

  • Group work with Lee and channeling sessions with the Z’s.
  • Advanced energy work and sound healing, with live music and drumming through all sessions.
  • Integration and grounding with qi gong and guided visualization sessions from Steven Washington.
  • Your own personal copy of the recordings from all sessions at the event (not for public release).

Let the power of the dynamic powerhouse that is the city of Los Angeles and the wisdom of your own soul take the lead, guiding you as you take the next important steps in your life.

Maximum 32 Participants

A word from former Energy Mastery Participants...

"Thank you all for an incredible weekend…This weekend's high vibration feels so real now.... it's time to bring it down, embody it and share it.... It's real and we are connected... " – Guiomar

"I am touched beyond words!!" – Barbara

“This retreat was indeed life-changing. The energetic shift and rise in vibrational awareness is palpable - before, during and since. Lee and his team led us into an experience where knowledge was absorbed on a physical and emotional level instead of a cognitive one, and that made it the most powerful retreat I have ever attended.” – Caroline

"Words cannot describe the transcendent state I have been in for the last few weeks as I continue to integrate the experience of being with Lee Harris and the Z's. Being at the retreat was profound and transformative. Epiphanies have been emerging ever since. It feels like an ongoing state of wonder and timelessness as more of who I truly am is revealed, my heart opens and my old story fades away." - Melissa

Your registration fee includes the 3-day seminar, meals, lodging, complimentary parking and complimentary wi-fi in your hotel room.

For venue information and daily timings, please see the event schedule.

After completing your booking you should receive a confirmation email with further details.  If you do NOT see this email come through, please check your spam/junk filter.  If you still do not see it, contact and he can forward you necessary details.

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