Episode 16: The Karma Lady

Garz is an energy healer, author, and teacher who has studied and is certified in over twenty different healing modalities, ranging from Reiki to 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing. Her purpose is to assist others in living their divine purpose and she uses a combination of different techniques to remove traumas, trapped emotions, and limiting core beliefs to enable people to manifest abundance, freedom, and joy. Her workshops empower empaths, highly sensitive people, and intuitives to learn various energy healing and psychic development modalities. Garz has written two children's books, The Kindness Guru and Flipper Feet Pete.

In this conversation, Lee and Garz discuss:

  • (07:59) Her appetite for learning which started with acting and dance, but then led her to energy healing.
  • (09:24) Her initial resistance to being a healer and how that was activated by her son.
  • (12:27) What happens in a session and how she is impacted energetically.
  • (18:00) The ways intense self-judgment and limiting beliefs factored in for several years and how the Universe kept guiding her despite those.
  • (24:40) How the desire to find a teacher for her son led her to teaching publicly and what motivates her to continue.
  • (30:46) Why she wrote her children's books The Kindness Guru and Flipper Feet Pete.

To learn more about her work: https://www.chineseenergyhealing.com/
To learn more about her workshops: https://www.alchemistsartshealing.com/
The Kindness Guru: https://amzn.to/3XXC8ic
Flipper Feet Pete: https://amzn.to/40kBsFc
IG: https://www.instagram.com/garzchan/?hl=en


Episode 15: The Magnetism of Music

Jane Siberry is a Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, musician, record producer, painter, and poet. Calling All Angels and It Can’t Rain All the Time are two of her most popular songs among her many recordings. She considers nature her guide to truth, so during the past two years, she has held many ‘resets’ or meditations for animals and nature.

In this conversation, Lee and Jane discuss:

  • (05:54) What brought her song, Calling All Angels, into existence and what her personal relationship is with it.
  • (13:00) The magnetism of music when she is making it.
  • (18:13) The journey of creating her independent label, Sheba.
  • (26:03) Her process of letting go of her possessions and the energy that's connected.
  • (29:57) How she took up painting and how that has evolved.
  • (47:21) Why she stays away from her left brain and what means most to her.

To learn more about her work: janesiberry.com
IG: Instagram.com/janesiberry
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpBzi7CRZbMHg9fjeKeFZJA

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Episode 14: February 2023 Energy Update

In this episode, enjoy Lee's hugely popular monthly Energy Update where he takes the pulse of what's going on energetically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Read the full text of this update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/feb-2023-eu

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Episode 13: The Other Side of Saying Yes

Monica Lawson is a Spiritual Advisor and co-author of Chase You with Elizabeth Kendig. A near death experience following a tragic car accident awakened her ability to hear, see, feel, and know the "Other Side." She has had the privilege of giving readings to people from all over the world, in all walks of life, faiths, and belief systems. Her mission is to help people discover their purpose, connect to their spiritual gifts, and co-create a life that leads to more joy.

In this heart to heart conversation, Lee and Monica discuss:

  • (03:07) Her childhood near death experience - the gateway to her invitation to the "Other Side."
  • (09:36) How she is brilliantly stubborn with the "Other Side" - the 3 A's.
  • (15:07) How her readings began and what made her realize she should stop doing them.
  • (18:07) How her book, Chase You, came to be; asking for what she needed, her partnership with co-author Elizabeth, and the creative process as a collaboration.
  • (23:28) Her experience of saying "yes" as an introvert and someone who is private in her work.
  • (40:21) The importance of clearing the energy of a space.

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Episode 12: Angel Wealth Magic

Corin Grillo is the author of Angel Wealth Magic and The Angel Experiment. She is also a Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, a licensed psychotherapist, visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and proprietor of the Casa Condor retreat center in Mount Shasta, California. She has dedicated her life to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with the angels.

In this conversation, Lee and Corin explore:

  • (03:15) Why wealth magic is not woo-woo.
  • (06:56) The hurdles she had to overcome as a psychotherapist to own the truth for herself and invite people to heal in a different way.
  • (13:45) Shame being a block to our abundance.
  • (20:55) The process of writing her book and what surprised her.
  • (32:07) How her retreat center came to be and the medicine she has already received.
  • (38:25) Her process as an intuitive and being an ambassador of all elements of her work.
  • (40:14) 2023-2024 - her sense of what we may need in the world

Rebirth: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/rebirth-2023


Episode 11: Vibrate Higher

Lalah Delia is a spiritual writer, trauma-informed wellness educator, certified spiritual practitioner, founder, and instructor of Vibrate Higher Daily School. She is the bestselling author of Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power, and through her writing and work, she guides readers around the globe on a journey back home to their empowered, higher-potential, whole selves. Through her lyrical and organic writing and teaching style, Lalah enlivens spiritual seekers looking to live with more intuition,  higher purpose and vibrations, and subconscious mind reprogramming.

In this conversation, Lee and Lalah discuss:

  • (06:01) When she knew she needed to vibrate higher.
  • (07:41) The impact her grandmothers (also her namesakes) had on spiritual meaning in her early life.
  • (16:08) How plant medicine changed her life - the connection it made to frequency, energy, and vibration.
  • (18:59) The significance of remembering who she was and being the hero of our own story.
  • (23:54) Her perspective coming into 2023.
  • (40:38) Saying yes without hiding herself, and the discomfort of that.
  • (43:26) High vibrational parenting.
  • (52:10) Music as medicine - why she is challenging artists to raise their vibration.

To learn more about her work: https://www.vibratehigherdaily.com/
To read her book: https://amzn.to/3jXBHp3