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PEACE and VISIONARY AWAKENING are going to be hitting the planet in a strong way during February.  

Many of you are going to find that February will bring a more peaceful energy than what you have been experiencing the past few months.

Things on the planet have been BUSY energetically; things are faster - you manifest things faster than ever before, you have lessons dealt to you faster than ever before, things can heal faster than ever before, you might forgive someone you never thought you could forgive - meaning it's a rapid ascension phase. We are moving from a very low, fear-based way of being in comparison or separation from each other towards more soul to soul connection, and brother/sisterhood with each other. However that transition is a rocky road rather than a smooth one, as we are seeing play out around us now, and it’s not going to happen overnight.


February will contain overnight awakening experiences, especially for those it is new to. This looks and feels like; seeing visions, feeling and sensing things that you couldn't sense before, having new and blinding clarity about life/world events in a whole new way. When you first tap into this it feels like magic. As those moments show up, you can feel like living is a little more alive, a little more magical, and connections with yourself, nature and others is stronger. It's also a time when you can have very strong visions for your future. There is a breakthrough energy which happens when awakening experiences hit us. This is because awakening energy very quickly dissolves our density. Sometimes we feel to act on those breakthroughs and sometimes we don't. When we open up into feeling everything that is here and it’s perfection exactly as it is, these are very high and cosmic experiences and sometimes all you need to do is to sit with them. Awakening usually takes away the need to ‘act upon’ or do, in a beautiful and peaceful way.

When awakening energy is high, it can pop people open very fast. So people around you, who you never thought would think or talk about energy, suddenly start to. This is going to be a high month and a cosmic month in terms of what is possible and the spread of awakening.


And that doesn't mean just be action-based about the rest of the world or what you do for others. If you are a lightworker who has been in despair or depressed for a long time, that means you should make 2018 the year that YOU are the focus. We often hear it is an inside job from all the great spiritual teachings out there and it is true. It's time to tackle suffering head-on, including your own. Make an ACTION plan for 2018 of all the support you are going to need to lift yourself.

You are here to bring something to the world and to experience something in the world and those two things have to be in BALANCE.


This doesn't necessarily mean talking about it for 90 minutes with people, as that can be a distraction from the core of what you feel. Are you giving yourself space and time to not only sit back and catch up with the speed of these times but give yourself time to sense and feel the difference? Are you taking time out to LISTEN, to STOP, to BE? Because the higher energies are going to affect you one way or another - they can influence you in a really peaceful way if you are stopping, listening and writing a gratitude journal at night, or taking 15 mins a day to sit by your favorite tree. Be sure to regularly give yourself an act of such self-care. It is not indulgent, or you shutting off, but is actually you fuelling yourself.

We need to FUEL OURSELVES better than we have been. These times are very different and have a specific intensity, so even if you think you were a master of self-care in 2015/2016, the current energy is asking us to make small but potent changes in our lives. Ask yourself 'What do I need today/next'?

These are alive and potent times if you can focus on what you are creating next, rather than looking behind at what is leaving and no longer working. Creation is the focus you want to cultivate to really be able to fly in these times and to be who you came here to be.




How are you feeling this month? Let us know in the comments below...