Energy Update: Anger = The Change Agent

Lay low or dive into the hurricane...

There will be a theme of Anger in the collective this next week, which may not directly move through you, but will move across the globe in different ways. In the video, I address the various ways this shows up and what it can mean to you.

Extra insight: One of the positive aspects of Anger is the change it can provoke as it flushes through you. Anger can bring big release or clarity to emotions that have been suppressed, thus laying the foundations for new pathways in your life. This energy being in the collective field currently also helps stoke a creative fire energy - a very potent ‘birth’ force. So for the creators and innovators among you who aren’t immersed in this secondary emotion of Anger directly, you will find it a fueling time in which to create your inspirations.

Will you be laying low or diving into the hurricane this week?
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