Energy Update November 2017



Main themes for this month are:

  • NOVEMBER and December will bring in more 'birth' energy and will hold a lot of light. These next 2 months will feel a lot easier for most people - BUT it doesn't mean they will be fast.
  • MANIFESTATION is very slow and hard to get going in the world generally right now.  We can have a lack of patience and frustration around this - that is part of our human experience on Earth at this time.

We will have periods of this for the next few years.  There will be periods of a few months where things seem to tighten and slow down and then we'll go into a period where things can expand.

  • EMOTIONS on Earth right now are very, very high. BUT the emotional awareness or consciousness about the way people are communicating about their emotions/inflicting their emotions on others is very low.

Don't be surprised if strong emotions are hitting you out of nowhere - even if you're someone who is usually very steady. High emotion is going around and grief is elevated right now.

  • DIVISION energies are strong at the moment globally. However, the energy of division can also strengthen togetherness on the opposite end.

Don't be disheartened by the difficult things you're seeing in the world UNLESS, that's just where you need to go that day or for a few hours AND you are equally seeing the things in the world that are good.

  • REMEMBER, nothing here is promised or given. When we can adopt that way of thinking we start to see the magic a little bit more. We start to see the miracle of life itself.

We are not being asked to see how amazing things are by our media or by certain voices and forces at the moment. If you can't change them, you change YOU first. You change where YOU focus and you change what YOU put out into the world.