How To: Clear Your Energy & Come Back to Self

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One of the best ways to clear yourself regularly throughout the day is to just take a minute or two to close your eyes and be in silence. You don’t have to meditate or focus on something if you don’t want to. These moments are more about coming back into contact with yourself.

These moments are great for people who are very empathic, because empaths tend to focus on what is outside of themselves, sensing what is going on for others. The abandoned self can be an issue for those of us who identify as empaths or experience life in that way.

Whether or not you identify as an empathic or highly sensitive person, I invite you just for a minute to be with me in silence with your eyes closed. You can listen to the birds that may come through this video. And you can just let your own thoughts and feelings filter across your mind, across your consciousness, while we do this.

So, let’s take a minute together…
[a moment of ilent tillness with Lee]

In our very doing-oriented and stimulated world, five, six, seven times a day (as many times as you want), just stopping whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, closing your eyes, and taking 1-3 minutes will not only give you a moment of consciousness — where you can feel where YOU are again and re-set and re-center yourself — but the more your regularly do this, it will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed because you will start to have a sense of what your own best rhythm is.

When you start to deviate from your rhythm, or get pulled away from it by outer circumstances or people, you’ll notice it a lot sooner. So… a regular practice for one, two, or three minutes of closing your eyes and just being with yourself, several times a day, can be really effective.

Often we think of ten minutes or thirty minutes when we think of meditation time. But even this non-meditation, where you simply close your eyes for a few minutes, can be incredibly important for your consciousness development.

And it’s not just a reset in the moment. Over time, it will re-train your experience of your own senses and the space that you can have inside your body.  

Lots of love everyone.