Sunday was a very emotional day for so many of us, due to the Orlando shooting, and the ricochet effect continues.

It has now emerged that the shooter had gay tendencies that he was trying to suppress.

It is so sad we live in a society where for some people, it is still not ok to love without borders on gender, race or difference.
That this man’s own internalized homophobia (that he could not move or heal through), caused him to instead act out so violently, and take the lives of those who were willing to stand for, and celebrate, their love.

It reminds that sometimes when internal pain (his in this case) has become so crusted over, or seen and felt as unsolvable, that the only options left are to act out. In this case that meant a man taking the lives of others, in some other cases, people take their own lives.

It is deeply sad to witness how the ways we choose to see each other as different, can cause such destruction in our world.
Homophobia is hatred.
Racism is hatred.
Xenophobia is hatred.
Hatred is a very big unhealed wound living inside the hater.

To hate is to want to separate yourself from someone or something.
Separation from others comes from a wound of rejection or abandonment found inside the self, and aimed outward toward others.

Where the hater does not examine what is underneath their feeling of hate, they will likely act out on it toward others or themselves, trying to extend their hate energy into the world (or deeper toward themselves) as a way of releasing it and shaking it off. Through words or glances of judgement, through actions of rejection toward others or in extreme cases, actions of violence. This doesn't cause healing - it just continues spreading the virus.

This event in Orlando shows how any separatism on our planet is a deep threat where life and love are concerned, and how hate and division needs healing both outside and inside ourselves. For we have all been exposed to this ‘learnt’ division behaviour in our lives.

As I sat with my own necessary human feelings and reactions to all of this yesterday, I asked my guides for a wider soul perspective. This is what they gave me.

"This is a healing for all involved, for this loss of life raises to the surface the ugly shadow in humanity towards ‘difference’ which is at the root of all war ‘against’ another.
Be that individual or collective.

The misbelief in the wound of separation here acting out through violence and repressive action - action designed to repress love. The pain and loss for the ones left behind after this event is deep and strong, and so that pain reverberates through the collective. Thus connecting all to a deeper ‘one love’.
The irony being that this man’s actions will create more love and tolerance of all loves ultimately, not less.”

I feel the truth of this for myself and wanted to offer it incase it helps any of you while you are processing your own experiences.

Orlando may be a big focus in the world right now, but the destructive energies within it are playing out every day, in different ways around the world. So this is bigger than one event for us.

A focus on automatic weapons will quite rightly ensue, but the violence so often celebrated in our culture and entertainment, and the conflict and division inflated by our media and within politics, also needs to be addressed for this energy to ultimately heal and then change in our world.

Whatever your feelings or perspectives on this (and we will all have different opinions and ways of reacting and all of those are valid), ultimately, we are all joined in the heart.

To all the families and loved ones who lost people in Orlando, I pray that the fractures this will leave some of you with can heal fast and return you to life and love. I pray the same for all.

I promise to deepen my own commitment to healing the division wounds within, so I can be a more open and loving vessel in the world around me.

Much love

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