Free Gift: Silent Gopala Night

Hi Everyone,
Wishing you all a wonderful last few days of 2015.
I hope you get time to rest, play, focus inwardly and join with loved ones outwardly.

Our Christmas MP3 store sale raised nearly $900 for the refugee charity UNHCR, so THANK YOU all for being part of that, and I hope you enjoy your recordings.

Thanks too for your ongoing support through 2015 and the love and gratitude you regularly send to me and my team. It's deeply felt and it means the world :-)

As a Christmas Gift, please enjoy the free MP3 download below. It's a live version of Silent Night, mixed with the chant 'Gopala', recorded with Narada Wise at last Saturday's Energy Mastery retreat in Sedona.

We decided on this at the last minute, and sang it together in the middle of an evening channeling/sound-healing session.

It feels like the perfect gift to share with you.

Much love!

Lee x