Energy Update: Unconsciousness Healing & Creativity Firing

Intense times like these see us in a powerful phase of healing collective unconscious energies. Those hidden or suppressed beliefs and feelings that keep us closed and divided from ourselves, others and living a fully expressed life. Collectively, this theme is very strong right now, and thus, individually too.

Unconscious energies rise within us for healing when we are ready to face them, as once the energy becomes free of the shadow or wound it has worn as an identity, it then becomes useful life-force energy within us.

For example, if you have a breakthrough or healing around your self-worth issues, then the previously limited/wounded energy of low self-belief in you can become a new energy of confidence, which helps you step forward in your life.

All energy has the potential to transform, and this is a massively transformational time in the world.

That is why this time is also one of strong new energy and creative potentials, which many of you will be feeling and working with in your day-to-day lives as creators of your next steps.

Creator/Visionary Tip: You may have multiple visions or ideas for your life long-term, but
if you want to truly ‘ground’ those new ideas and realities in your ife, it works best to implement just one or two at a time. It takes time to adjust to the change that new creation can cause in your life, so no need to rush it! :)


How are you experiencing your unconscious beliefs and creative energy?
Let me know in the comments below...