As a singer-songwriter and sound healer, Lee has been writing and producing music since 1998, frequently collaborating with musicians in Europe, the U.S., and beyond. Singing and listening to music since he was a boy, it is his favorite art form and where he goes to in order to re-set and re-center. Music has always been Lee's deepest source of connection to spirit – returning him to a place of feeling and giving him access to a multi-dimensional world. It's from this place that he has created the albums and recordings you will find here.


Arise by Lee Harris & Davor Bozic

Lee's most recent album, and collaboration with Slovenia's acclaimed musician & composer Davor Bozic. A jubilant celebration of an album, packed with feel-good beats and layered with heartfelt depth and meaning.

… Just delicious! A musical invitation to open, live and love. You can hear the strength of the collaboration & bond between (Lee) and Davor in every song… ‘Arise’ is definitely my go-to pick-me-up album.
— E. L.

Adventures in Sound

Adventures in Sound is an expanding series of MP3 audio recordings designed to take you on a journey into your own energy field – the thoughts, feelings, and emotions arising from the womb of yourself. The purpose of these multi-layered vocal explorations is to catalyze positive, alchemical shifts in your life. Through the healing power of sound, they support well-being and expansion on every level. An exquisite synthesis of singing, toning, chanting, and breath.

Adventures in Sound: Integrate, Open, Expand by Lee Harris
Adventures in Sound: Rebirth, Rise to Life by Lee Harris
It feels like I’ve been waiting for this all of my life. I had goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes. This is going right into the heart and doesn’t need any kind of translations of words or anything. It feels to me that your voice was made for that - so touching and beautiful.
— Diana, Germany.


Golden World by Lee Harris

An ethereal mix of electronica and acoustic warmth, Golden World presents a talent in timeless song craft. A multi-layered expression of love in many forms, of struggle and difficulties shared, and ultimately of hope.

Golden World is an album that will touch any heart. Lee’s voice is heartbreakingly, gorgeously ethereal. A feel-good album that is utterly uplifting.
— A. R.


Lee’s beautiful version of this haunting Sarah McLachlan song was released in May 2011.


Phoenix by Lee Harris

Phoenix (the live recordings) is a 5 track EP recorded live in Brighton March 2010. The live footage was captured on film and edited to produce videos to accompany each track. Lee has covered Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ for this release, with an acoustic piano version of this beautiful song.

“Phoenix rises from the depths of loss to celebrate a range of loves in these intimate live performances. Lee Harris claims Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ in one exquisite take on the album and on video, and the haunting ‘Red Sky’ reflects the refinement, intelligence, and passion of his performance and music.”
— Lydia Nibley, film director.


Shapeshifting by Lee Harris


Shapeshifting, Lee’s debut album, was recorded in 2001.  Now, years later, this very special album has been remastered and repackaged.

This album is like a great poem, in that you find yourself thinking about it at odd moments and wondering about it... Harris needs to be heard... He’s the type of artist that is going to make a difference.
— Adele Nozedar, Founder of Rhythm King Records and previous A&R Head of Arista UK.

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