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Is it time to grow your audience, launch a new business or expand the ways you offer your work in the world?

I designed Own Your Value to support you in this quest.

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I began my work over 16 years ago, as a donation based one-on-one session healer. Today I run a 7-figure business, lead a team of 10 people and the work we create affects hundreds of thousands every month, with most of them receiving that work for free. Most importantly, I love the team I get to work with every day and I am more passionate and fulfilled by my work and the service it provides than ever before. And I could tell you MANY stories of times where that wasn’t the case, and I was struggling with the challenges my work gave me.

I know first-hand how tough, emotional and challenging it can be to realize your value and increase your income as a healer, creative or entrepreneur (especially now as the world seems to be shifting daily).

I can also attest that surrendering yourself to grow and expand, and in turn create work and services which help others has been one of the most rewarding growth journeys of my life. In over a decade of coaching other healers, creatives and entrepreneurs, I repeatedly found that issues around our value and worth are often a sticking point when it comes to growing what we do in the world. And, getting the support we need and the ability to have a bigger vision without sacrificing our personal wellbeing is crucial. There is a bigger map available to all of us, and when we align with that, we get to serve more effortlessly and abundantly. There are so many practical and creative ways we can expand our messages, our services and our work. I want to share these with you if taking this journey with me, my team and some bonus guests resonates with you!


* Over 13 Hours of Content from Lee, Broken Down into Specific Modules and Neatly Stored for You in a Private Members Area
* Three Live Q&A Broadcasts with Lee Online with Full Replays Provided
(Scheduled for June 11, June 24 and July 7, 2020)
* Downloadable Audio Files of Every Module (So You Can Listen to the Teaching Anywhere You Go)
* Downloadable Course Worksheets for Each Module
* A Private Members Forum + Private Facebook Networking & Support Group
* 5 Bonus Interviews with Leading Experts and Entrepreneurs
* Course Content will Begin to Be Released on May 26th with New Modules Released Every Few Days Therafter
* Lifetime Course Access


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What are the modules that make up the course?

Bonus Interviews

Lee interviews experts and entrepreneurs so that they can share their knowledge and experiences in finding their value and building their business.

Nicky Pattinson

How to Tell the World Who You Are

Nicky is a communication and sales expert teaching individuals and international corporations how connection is gold in any service or customer relationship.

Mark Harris

Grow your Reach with a Marketing Mindset

Mark is a Marketing Coach helping US and International business owners to grow their own companies. He is currently working with several clients within the Lee Harris Energy community.

Monica Lawson

The Intuitive Healer's Journey

Monica Lawson has built a thriving one-on-one session business with a 4 month waiting list all without having a website! Lee and she discuss the gift of intuition, how it is used to help others and the fears and challenges involved in Owning Your Value in this field.

Chris Assaad

The Creative Healer's Journey

Chris Assaad creates and performs conscious music for the world. Chris had unexpected success as a featured blogger and writer on websites such as 'The Daily Love' and 'Positively Positive' and created quotes that went viral on the internet. He also mentors people through their awakening journey. Lee and Chris discuss the surprises of the creative journey and the process behind bringing conscious art into the world.

Jesse Reno

The Artist's Journey

Jesse Reno is a prolific artist who has sold over 3000 of his paintings to collectors worldwide, released several books of his art, taught workshops internationally and runs his own gallery in Portland. Lee and he discuss the artist's journey and making art your career.

A Testimonial about the Course Experience...

Before becoming Art Director for Lee's company, I took his courses in order to turn my existing ideas into a reality after leaving my day job. I literally had just enough left in my bank account to take the course when he offered “Own Your Value” in late 2018. I figured it was the last shot I had at investing in something that would actually bring a return financially. It not only helped me kick start my own business and create my ’Human’ Book Series, but I also gained a new foundation for the way I ran my design business and learned how to truly make an income based off my natural talents. You may have different abilities that do not align with what I do, but how you guide and care for yourself and the way you communicate are critical aspects of becoming your own boss. This course truly helped me find my way to freedom and do creative and spiritual work that is helping others every single day.

Trent Barfield - Art Director for Lee Harris Energy

This course is an investment in your future. It is a powerful training that combines practical step-by-step guidelines and energetic support to get you to where you want to be. I am confident that if you apply these lessons to your work, this course will pay for itself many times over in greater power, value, abundance and worth - both inside yourself and in the world.

Registration: $399


Who is this course for?

  • You need to reinvent your business or take a new direction as a result of these challenging times.
  • You have a desire to change people’s lives for the better and a message you want to share but you’re not sure how to deliver it and reach your audience.
  • You want to take your passion for changing the world from a part-time to a full-time job. 
  • Your message is already making a difference in the world but you want to reach more people and scale your business.
  • You aren’t sure how to approach making videos, audios, books or blog posts, but feel ready to go for it.
  • You are a healer doing powerful work but struggling from burnout or money issues. 
  • You run a small business on your own, but you’re unsure about the responsibilities, costs and logistics that go into hiring new team members.
  • You’re already successful, perhaps even with a 6-figure business and a following, but you want help in taking it to the next level.

50% Off for a Limited Time!


By following the techniques taught in this course, I went from being a donation-based healer with a few clients to achieving the following:


* I’ve run workshops in over 15 countries (in 2016 alone, I held 48 days of international live events).

* My first paid online course drew almost 1,500 people from 42 countries around the world.

* I’ve created over 100 MP3 Products.

* I’ve hosted four different Podcasts and Interview Shows.

* My book, Energy Speaks, went to #1 on the Amazon channeling chart.

 * My work is experienced by hundreds of thousands each month.

* I’ve been hired as a conference keynote speaker at events across the world.

* I have a monthly members’ community of over 2,500 people.

* My one-on-one session rate increased from $15 to $1000 per hour, and had a 4-month waiting period when I finally stopped offering them.

* 90% of people receive and benefit from the work I create for free.

* My business generates enough revenue for me to employ a wonderful international team of 11 creatives AND to fund the creative, conscious media we deliver to the world.

I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my work or my personal life - but it wasn’t always that way. I experienced the highs and the lows as I figured out how to survive and then how to THRIVE in business.

I produced this course to help you save time and money, and reduce stress, while achieving your goals and increasing your income.

"I simply don't have the words to express just how effective this course has been for me, your wisdom and insights are spot on!!"

"Working with Lee Harris and his team has irrevocably shifted and fortified the clarity and direction in my work. The energetic support, inspiration, and information is still being distilled months later! Lee not only informs and ignites, but seems to infuse his courses with a sense of intentional magic that leads you to truly feel and understand that anything is possible in both the visionary and practical sense."

Tracee Kafer

Finding Your Freestyle

"Lee, you have been, and are, a wonderful coach/mentor/teacher and inspiration for me - for that I am ever grateful & truly blessed! Thank you! Big love. You somehow manage to keep delivering EXACTLY what I need at EXACTLY the time I need it : )"

"My experience at Lee's Impact with World training was both affirming and life changing. I gained a much deeper and broader sense of my work and how I show up in my life. I left feeling empowered, inspired and ready to make bold shifts and changes in my business in order to show up, stand up and impact the world. I'm so grateful for Lee’s grounded wisdom and playful sense of humor in all that he does."

Jill Goux

Joyful Living with Jill Goux

"I really loved this! Fantastic for setting self & work boundaries. It was great for connecting me to my purpose on a deeper level, along with giving greater structure to my work."

"It is with a full heart and deep appreciation, I send this note of gratitude for this wonder-filled journey with this course offering. Your "Big Love" shines through every Module. Thank you."




  • Will all of the material be available when I register for the course or is it released over time?

    Beginning on May 26th, a new module will be released every few days so that you can go through the course at a comfortable pace along with everyone else who has signed up early. Release dates are listed inside the course so you can plan accordingly. With that said, if going through the course more slowly provides a better pace for you, that's fine too!


  • Do I have to download all these video files in order to watch them?

    No, you can stream all of the video content inside the members area via computer or smartphone so it's not clogging up your hard drive.


  • What if I want to take the material with me to listen to in the car, subway, airplane, while walking on the beach, etc?

    We're providing you with downloadable audio files of every video so you can download and move them to whatever device you want to take with you. It's all very easy to follow inside the members area.


  • Does the material expire or can I come back and revisit it whenever I want?

    You'll have lifetime access to the material and it will remain neatly stored to you in the members area. So, you can come back to it as often as you like and you don't need to worry about storing, finding or losing the files.


  • What happens in the private Facebook group?

    This forum will provide a private space for those who are taking the course to share their personal experiences (only if you wish), offer support to one another, learn from others' experiences, share your own personal offerings/website, exchange thoughts on the course material, form community and friendships and enhance the course experience. Nothing you post here will be seen by anyone who's not taking the course. Led by our group moderator Wendi, the Lee Harris Team (including Lee), will also join in time to time to share posts, answer questions, offer support and forge friendships of our own.


  • What is the outcome I can expect from this course? What is it going to give me?

    This course will give you a shift in the way you think and feel about your worth, your money and your value to others that will lead to greater confidence and abundance in your endeavors. You can expect energetic support to move you beyond patterns of limitation and fear and realize the value of the gifts that you're bringing to the world. With this foundation you can then expect change in your behaviour in the world; actioning practical steps to increase your reach and your income. It will give you the confidence and will to create effective marketing, communicate your value to others, raise your rates effectively, execute great one-on-one sessions, scale your business comprehensively and so much more. This course will give you what you need to support an abundant practice of doing what you love in the world.


  • What is the refund policy?

If you request a refund by May 28, 2020, we're happy to refund you in full. After that, due to the digital nature of the content, refunds will no longer be offered.

Live Q&A Broadcast Start Times Around the World...

Lee will host 3 Live Q&A Video Calls on June 11, June 24 and July 9th. We'll alternate the start times to try to accommodate different time zones. See the applicable start times in your part of the world below.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

Photos of Lee by Tanya Malott.


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