Empaths vs. Narcissists

A Power Dynamic and How to Recover From It

An Online Course from Lee Harris Designed to Help Navigate Difficult Relationships


This Powerful Course Includes:

* 10+ Hours of Video Teaching
* Lifetime Course Access
* Downloadable Audio Files
* Downloadable Course Worksheets
* Private Members Forum + Private Facebook Group


All this and so much more for just $199!
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This is a healing course designed to restore and return you to your power.

In early 2017, I responded to this question which was posed by a follower of my work, "Could you give advice on empaths standing up for themselves and remaining in their truth while dealing with a narcissist?" The 3-minute answer I gave has now been viewed over 180,000 times online. The overwhelming response to that clip was, "Can you please do more on this?"

"I have found so many answers that I have been searching for the last 16 years. I can see my whole life puzzle now and all the bits and pieces make sense now. I feel EXTREMELLY GRATEFUL for Lee and his team for this amazing work that is surely LIFECHANGING. I have already recommeneded to couple of my friends who has similar story to mine. With your course I have found it very well-structured, well spaced, great content shared in a digestable way, well-thought very helpful questions, not too many, just enough. Price is reasonable as well. If I have gone to a therapist and worked on these issues, I would have had to pay thousands of $ and it would have taken me years and years and it wouldn't have been that depth that I am very grateful for...."

- Helene

Course Participant

The topic of recovering emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychically and physically from narcissists whether they be parents, friends, bosses or intimate partners kept coming up in my work both online and at my events. It became clear that few people are untouched by the damage a narcissist can potentially do and, having had my own experiences of this dynamic and recovering from it, I have much to share on this topic as an empath.

What does this course include?

This course includes:

  • Over 10 hours of video teaching from Lee (essentially the equivalent of eight private sessions of teaching)

  • Audio downloads of all course content so you can take it with you to listen to anywhere and anytime
  • Video Qigong practices from teacher Steven Washington on recovering and rebuilding the body
  • Downloadable worksheets for course work and exercises

  • Special bonus content including healing audio channels

  • Private Facebook group for members to answer each other's questions, offer support and create community

  • Lifetime access to course content, which is all stored neatly for you in the private members area


The course defines Empaths and Narcissists and explains why they are attracted to each other. It tracks the development of the relationship and the way the dynamic unfolds right up to the moment of realization and shock. It looks deeply at the size and scope of damage you can possibly face. This course then carefully, lovingly and with precision gives you all the insights, advice and tools you need to make both a full recovery and to protect yourself from this dynamic in the future. It is a must for anyone determined to recover from this relational experience.

Here's what some people are saying about the course...

"This is a powerful course. It’s deeply transformative and is bringing back my soul’s light and power. Lee, I cannot THANK YOU enough for helping give me my life back."

"I feel very liberated, free to find the core issue for so many problems in my life. I can feel and experience the huge shifts I had the last 10 days while I was doing the course. The best, deepest, most profound inner journey I had in my life for sure. I feel EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and blessed to have found this amazing , profound course that helps so many of us being in the same shoes, going through the same dynamics. Words cannot express my gratitude, joy, freedom, happy tears, celebration....THANKS SOOOO MUCH for sharing this huge GIFT with us.Lots of LOVE.:::)))))"

"This class is so well defined, so on point, so direct and so clear. It is helping me to put my own daily, weekly, and yearly plan of action into place in a very clear and concise form. I am ready to stand in my own power and the timing was perfect for me. I think you have helped me gather everything I have been learning so that I can organize it and use it each and every day. This is the most powerful plan!"

"Wow! What a fantastic broadcast! It has been deep and powerful and so necessary for me. I loved what Lee said about awareness around balance in relationship and how one can be allowing a bad situation to continue and even escalate. I loved the whole part about how to develop desires after a life-time of subsuming my desires to the others. I love also what Lee said about the loneliness when you are between the old dynamic relationships and the new kinds. I am finally finding my way to exactly those kinds of relationships and it is such a welcome relief and a joy! Thank you so much, Lee for putting together such a rich and healing course. I am incredibly glad and grateful that I signed up back in March. This content and the experience going through it has absolutely had a profound impact on my life and my happiness. I am so much closer to feeling exactly as you described an empowered empath is."

"Emps vs. Narcs is Your VERY Best, Greatest and Important Work to date Lee! Can't thank you enough for this Healing Wisdom you provide for those of us still stuck and desperately trying to work our way through and out from under…"

"I am forever grateful for this course Lee. Thank you so very much. Your course is allowing me to confirm I am not crazy and that I am worthy of love and that the change must come from within me. I am up to the challenge now of re-building myself from the ground up. This course is helping me get clear as I choose to make new choices that are empowering and loving for me. Thank you!"

"I love this course. It is painful and hard to see how easily I was preyed upon and so willingly fell into the narcissist’s trap. Like so many, the emotions are swirling. I'm grateful for it since I know that means I am processing and shifting let alone healing. How empowering for all of us. Finally a road map."

"Hi Lee, You’ve heard from me before lol but I just want to express how grateful I am. This is to you and your dedication, and your team who support you but also to the Universal force that propelled me forward when I saw your ‘Empath v Narcissist’ course and felt the ‘just bloody do it’ feeling that was undeniable (even though I was financially challenged), and I did it and I am SO HAPPY that I did because every single element of it is uplifting and validating. I travel a lot with work and can’t wait to hop in the car and fire up the AUX. I sit there like a Cheshire Cat grinning and laughing (sometimes) and interjecting. I love what you do. I love your unique way of being and hope that you know how life changing your broadcasts are to souls who need your guidance. You have such a kind and loving countenance yet the sassy flip side where necessary and I really enjoy that. Thank you a million times over."

"So I would ask you to look at the shadow of narcissism in all of its forms - it is upon your planet in a very big way right now. We need not name names but the shadow of narcissism is running rampant for all of you to see. And what it does is that it reflects to you your own fears about the narcissist's shadow but for those of you who are lightworkers and empaths, it is also a mirror of the parts of you that need to find for yourself what you need next - because what you need next will naturally have a benevolent effect on the planet."

- Channeled excerpt from a recent Lee Harris workshop

How is the course broken down?


Lee's introduction to the course 


What is an Empath?



What is a Narcissist?



Identifying the Relationship



What Happened to Me?



Healing the Shattered Self







Committing to Seeing Clearly



Reclaiming Yourself and Finding Your Will 


Rebuilding the Sensory Body 


The Abandoned Self




Creating New Relationships


Charisma, Joy & Power


Conclusion to the Course


Behind the Scenes: The Making of Empaths vs. Narcissists



  • Will all of the material be available when I register for the course or is it released over time?

    All of the course material will be available when you register. This will allow you to go through the course at your own pace. We recommend going through the modules in order at a pace that feels comfortable for you.


  • Do I have to download all these video files in order to watch them?

    No, you can stream all of the video content inside the members area so it's not clogging up your hard drive.


  • What if I want to take the material with me to listen to in the car, subway, airplane, while walking on the beach, etc?

    We're providing you with downloadable audio files of every video so you can download it and move it to whatever device you want to take with you. It's all very easy to follow inside the members area.


  • Does the material expire or can I come back and revisit it whenever I want?

    You'll have lifetime access to the material and it will remain neatly stored to you in the members area. So, you can come back to it as often as you like and you don't need to worry about storing the files or finding the files.


  • What happens in the private Facebook group?

    This forum will provide a safe and private space for those who are taking the course to share their personal stories (only if they wish), offer support to one another, learn from others' experiences, share your triumphs, exchange thoughts on the course material, form community and friendships and enhance the course experience. Nothing you post here will be seen by anyone who's not taking the course. Led by our group moderator Patty, the Lee Harris Team (including Lee), will also join in time to time to share posts, answer questions, offer support and forge friendships of our own.


  • The image of you looking at your own reflection in the poster is really intense, why did you choose this for the course?

    For the poster I wanted an image with a figure that represented power and one that represented empathic love but we didn’t want these to be gendered in a limiting way, nor to overly create a sense of perpetrator and victim. Although the experience of a narcissist/empath can be quite dark, it has great gifts and powers in the soul journey and learning. The image chosen came from a creative photo shoot I did over a year ago with Tanya Malott. Amanda (Creative Director), suggested it for the poster as it emphasized that this journey and the recovery from it is first and foremost about self mastery and not the other, and also what a 'mirror' this relationship can be. 


  • What is the outcome I can expect from this course? What is it going to give me?

    What each individual gets from this course will be very unique to them and their own experience of narcissism. I begin the course explaining this. You will be hunting for your own unique “a-ha” and healing moments and I co-create a unique healing path with you. The intention of making a course this comprehensive was to cover the material “once and for all”, meaning, to do it in a way that it would be able to assist anyone who found themselves struggling with or recovering from an experience with a Narcissist, both now and in the future. And to give people a rock to return to, should they need it in the future.


  • Empaths vs. Narcissists has been described as a combination of one-on-one mentoring but also an energy healing like what occurs during your live retreats. What is going to happen while I progress through this course? How will that work?

    This experience is an energy journey of healing, insight and power on this topic. Each video section takes you through a separate component of this journey. You will begin by looking inside yourself to discover all you have experienced. This will provoke and release emotions that need to be felt, experiences that need to be revisited, insights that need to be integrated and a-ha moments that allow you to feel new relief and release.  I present a thorough program that was both researched and intuited so that you can see and replace the past with a whole new dynamic and healing for the future. This journey is also support by worksheets to help you focus your reflections and it includes a body work section to help you move the energy through and create change in your life.


  • How does this course help a person who cannot escape their narcissist?

    This course is a healing. It looks at the wounds that you have suffered - those specific to these kinds of relationships. It also builds and strengthens you. The parts of you that have been abandoned, the parts of you that you need to be a good protector of yourself, but it also frees you to build and flourish in a life that is so full of love and joy that the narcissist will have great difficulty making the same kind of impact upon you.


  • What is the refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature of the materials in this course, we cannot offer refunds.

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