"I love to do private mentoring sessions and offer a limited number every month. As an intuitive and channeler, I connect with you and your energy during a session, receiving messages of insight into your past, present, and future.

The information received will support you in having a deeper understanding of where you are right now and where you are going. I will help you to see new options and possibilities, and to access the strength needed to make any life changes.

Sessions are intimate and heartfelt—a safe place to relax, open, and feel. They are also timeless. Many report that they still listen to and receive from their recordings years later. I look forward to reflecting you back to yourself."



Mentoring with Lee

Mentoring Programs fill up quickly. If you are unable to secure a booking, please email [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.

Mentoring work with Lee provides in-depth support over the span of four 70-minute sessions via Skype or telephone. This format offers an unprecedented opportunity to break through long-standing patterns and claim the life you were born for. It is also the perfect container for focusing on specific goals and taking powerful action steps toward them. 

With Lee’s intuitive abilities laser-focused on your present and future, each session is packed with information and energy observations, as well as practical guidance for you to apply between sessions. If you wish or Lee feels guided, channeling can also be included in the sessions.

Re-listening to the MP3 recordings of your sessions is a key part of the process as it further activates and amplifies the positive energies, allowing optimism, clarity, and forward movement to build. Emailing Lee with an update before each session allows him to be current with where you are and ready for the next insights into your progression. 

Since 2006, Lee has been offering the 4-session Mentoring Program with life-altering results. People who commit to this intensive process with Lee report a reconnection with their highest purpose and profound changes in their experience of daily life.   

Sessions are typically scheduled four weeks apart and pricing for the Mentoring Program is $4000. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Sessions: 4 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart
  • Length: All sessions are 70 minutes
  • Format: Via Skype (video or audio) or telephone
  • Audio Recording: You will receive an MP3 file via email. Replaying the recording over time is a powerful way to integrate the information and to allow the energy to keep working for you.
  • Bonus: 60 minute Skype Movement session with Steven Washington.
  • Cost: $4,000 USD

"To anyone who as ever entertained the idea of committing to a mentoring program with Lee, but was hesitant to do so, I say this: it has been the most profound, insightful, thorough, fun, engaging, caring and enlightening experience I could ever have hoped for."

- Louis, Canada


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