Divine Partnerships

Recorded at a one-day seminar in San Francisco, Divine Partnerships is a truly collective journey and exploration of the trinity of three relationships: divine partnership with Another, divine partnership with the Self and the Divine Connection.

Lee candidly shares his own experiences around partnership and offers perspective on our own inherent fears around conflict; the marriage wound; shock and grief on our planet today; reclaiming our bodies, and he also guides a higher consciousness exercise for our emotional bodies.

The divine partnerships that are the Zs offer their wisdom on embracing the true art of self-love, and the sacred marriage of the soul and body. This audio journey contains full channels each from Zapharia and Zachary, and a closing message from Ziadora.

Divine Partnerships will set you on the path to discovering the divine within yourself, releasing self-judgment, and understanding that to attract the love you want, you must be the love you are.

"What a gift it was to meet you! I am still glowing from your workshop in San Francisco. Thank you, thank you, thank you." -S. U.S.A

Running Time: 2 Hours


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