Creative Soul Fire - An Activation

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Creative Soul Fire - An Activation


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This audio journey focuses on you as conscious creators - creative forces in this world preparing for another wave of creative energy on the planet.

Highlights include:

  • How to create with fire, grace, compassion and certainty

  • Navigating ‘spiritual confusion’

  • How humanity is connected in its own kind of hive

  • Working with the lifeforce creative ‘volcano’ entering your bodies and the mind’s resistance to it

  • Being fearless with your heart energy and heart fire

  • “They Called Us Down to Earth” – an original song from Lee and Davor


You are unique. You will always be unique, yet you are ever changing – like the ocean. The ocean is uniquely different every day - temperatures and currents change, plants and sea life come and go, the waves are rough, the waves are calm. Still, the ocean remains ‘The Ocean’ in all its grandeur.

We are living in a tumultuous time on our planet and it has asked much of you. You have weathered many shifts and changes within yourself as you have continued to focus on bringing light and consciousness to the world. Like the ocean, even with all the changes occurring, you remain gloriously and uniquely, YOU.

“You were called to Earth for this time and you CAME to Earth for this time,” The Zs explain in the channel. They also elaborate that the coming decade will bring an enormous wave of change in the energy climate on the planet – which mirrors the changes you can make, inside and outside yourself. Because you have already been down this path of change, you will have the map, both for yourself and for others. You will find yourself more capable of creating with fire, with grace, with compassion and with certainty.

Recorded at Lee’s Soul Magic Retreat in Costa Rica in the Autumn of 2017, and featuring an introductory meditation from Steven Washington and the music of Davor Bozic, this audio journey focuses on you as conscious creators - creative forces in this world preparing for another wave of energy on the planet - while gently reminding: Your place is above and below; somewhere between the sky and the ground…that is why you came here.


Running time: 1 hour

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