Escape The Matrix


Escape The Matrix


This was awesome! I have been craving practical examples with regard to what healthy boundaries and assertive communication look like. There's a lot of theory out there, but not a lot of down to earth examples that really break it down like this does. Always on the cutting edge, Lee!  – E. G.

If you sometimes feel stuck in a repeating loop of problems, issues, and power struggles (whether overtly or privately), you are about to discover the way out. In this exciting and fun session, recorded live in Sydney, Australia in January 2016, Lee offers an energetic map out of the matrix of old ways of communicating and being—a map leading directly to a life of true aliveness (i.e., where you are emotionally authentic and free to be yourself). You will discover how even the smallest steps can lead to massively empowered change.


Highlights include:

  • Understanding the profound link between the way you communicate and your power to make change.
  • Discovering the life-changing practice of asking yourself, “How do I feel?”
  • Making a daily habit of knowing what you want to manifest and settling into your own intentions.
  • Finding the courage to go “off-script” in words and actions as you step into your new life of deeper feeling and realness.

Before the session comes to a close, you will know what to do to remain connected with yourself in the midst of communication dynamics that previously had you losing your power. Delivered with humor, compassion, and searingly-clear insights, this program with Lee is a game-changer.

Running time: 45 minutes

What a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to stop thinking in the same limited ways! – Christal

Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE this. THANK YOU! Just what I needed. – Teresa

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