Fear: An Energy Guide


Fear: An Energy Guide


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I’ve just listened to your “Fear” recording – it’s true that the main message is not in the words but in the energy carried by your voice and words – that’s what I love about it so much! – Ulrike, Germany

Thank you so much, Lee and the Z's for this beautiful and very helpful recording! It was so powerful in shifting things in my energy system! At times it felt as if I was clearing things from thousands of years. – Franziska, Switzerland

Fear, An Energy Guide was designed with an intention to help you better understand, release and navigate the energy of fear in your life.

Lee guides you through your thoughts and feelings on fear, sharing his observations on how fear plays out between us. He then offers some short and simple but powerful release exercises you can do in your daily life to return from fear.

It also includes a channel from The Z's on the nature of fear where they guide you on how to open 'beyond human fear'. 

The whole MP3 is designed to help you recalibrate your experience of the energy of fear on Earth and open beyond what you thought was possible.

Running time: 1 hour 11mins

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