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Golden World MP3s


"For me, the crux of this album is a lyric in TIME - 'Life is dark some days but sunlight will break through'. Even with the songs where you are looking at difficulties, there is a message of hope, of 'keep going' and sonically we aimed to capture that feeling in the productions" – Lee

Lee's outstanding second album, rich and beautiful. Born from a personal journey, these songs re-imagine universal themes and the fears, loves and hopes of a world in transition. Two and a half years in the making, Golden World was released in October 2011 and is a warm mix of acoustic and electronica which Lee co-produced with Dan Burke (also the album's 'multi-talented multi-instrumentalist')

Includes PDF book of lyrics.

Three videos were produced for the album - FAST, TIME and SIGNS AND WONDERS (see below)

Genre: Pop: with Electronic Production

Release Date: 2011


1. Sound
2. Time
3. Fast
4. Red Sky
5. Signs and Wonders
6. Beautiful
7. Golden World
8. Saviour
9. Hold Me Now
10. Gold is Made of Every Colour


Buy it! It's so cool, enlightening and lovely! I love it! Amazing songs for this New Earth!!! – Jackie

Lee's music its full of pure love and beauty. It touches my heart! – Magdalena

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