Living in The Now


Living in The Now


Recorded at the Crimson Circle Midsummer New Energy Conference in Munich, Germany.

Lee sets the energy in this recording with a humorous and welcoming introductory talk followed by an eloquent channel from Zapharia who seeks to enlighten and remind us:

  • To embrace self-trust.
  • To be at ease improvising in the NOW.
  • To more fully value joy.
  • To feel into the knowing we’re finding and connecting with our communities.
  • To know the importance of grounding and centering ourselves in these rapidly changing times; and
  • To remember we’re burning through the last of the limited thoughts of the mind.

This recording is ideal for re-inspiring trust and confidence in your abilities, your future and your Now.  It is a delightful and reassuring journey.

Running Time: 46 Minutes

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