Living Your Power


Living Your Power


"Just listened and it feels like it was written exactly for me! Thank you Lee, always an inspiration!" – Kate, Spain

"So beautiful, as always! Thank you from my heart, this was such a big help right now." – Marit, Sweden

"After doing my Open to Your Highest Potential events (4 different ways in 4 different countries), 'Living Your Power' was a culmination event of those journeys.

It was a full day workshop, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, intended to ground the energies involved when you open to your next level of living and embodied energy on Earth.

This recording and experience is designed as an energy activation journey for you, so be open to imagining you are experiencing the day as if you were there while you listen. It features 'energy talk' with me, and several channels with the Z's.

You will have the most powerful experience with these recordings if you approach them from a standpoint of 'self-inquiry'. That being an approach where you examine your own experiences and thoughts around 'power', while responding to/listening to or reacting to anything in these recorded words and energies.

And noticing what you believe, disagree with, react to, find peace within. And allowing what you notice to be your teacher.

Davor Bozic accompanied me with live music and gongs on the day, and his beautiful work is included in these recordings.

Enjoy!" - Lee

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