Love, Anger & Spiritual Fire


Love, Anger & Spiritual Fire


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"Lee, I have just listened to "Love, Anger & Spiritual Fire". At the very same moment as I was asking a question you were already preparing the answer. Thank you for helping me to breathe again."  – Zane, Netherlands

Love, Anger & Spiritual Fire is a fascinating journey with Lee and Ziadora that looks at our perceptions, patterns, and judgments of anger and fiery behavior on both personal and world levels.

The recording features: 

  • A 30 minute channel from Ziadora on the relationship between love and anger and our need to balance these two powerful emotions.
  • A 35 minute conversation with Lee who shares his experience of shifting his own anger/fire patterns and offers guidance for embracing and balancing your own fire.
  • Exercises for the swift release of anger and for re-balancing the energy body.

"The release of anger will expand your heart faster than you could possibly believe." – Ziadora through Lee

Running time: 1 hour 7 mins

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