Open Yourself to Life


Open Yourself to Life


Open Yourself to Life was recorded live at Lee's full day workshop of the same name held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Part 1 features Lee's presentation followed by a channel from The Z's.


Topics include:

  • The dance we do as humans between love and fear.
  • How we can open to something new in any moment.
  • Processes for overcoming self-criticism and self-judgment - and how those energies can be blocks to opening.
  • Developing the observer in yourself.

In Part 2, Lee shares some personal experiences in opening to life, answers audience questions and closes the day with a powerful Z's channel.

Set of 2 MP3s - Total Running Time: 1 hour 36 mins

"As usual... fantastic and delivered at the exact right time. I have been talking to my son about listening to some of your audios and he had put it off. When I heard Open Yourself to Life I called him and said this one was for him. He called last night and he listened to it over the phone. I don't think he has even realized that Day One, of his Seven days of changing one thing... actually started last night as he was listening to the audio. In his past he would have never committed to giving me the time!! Today he informed me that he stopped smoking. My heart is so filled with love and gratitude. Thank you so much Lee for all that you do!! You do touch hearts and change lives!! In your own words... in peace and in love... Thank you!!!"

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