Personal Power


Personal Power


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This compelling recording by Lee contains a channel that was given during a retreat in La Val Dieu, France. The channel focuses on how to call forth more of our personal power at this time on Earth. Also discussed is how the planet's shifting consciousness is affecting lightworkers on a daily basis, and how best to deal with and integrate the energies of this transition. Other questions and areas of interest include:

  • What a lightworker is and their role on the planet 
  • How to integrate and experience more of your personal power 
  • How to avoid energetic battles with others 
  • How the heartbreak of the planet is healing 
  • How to release self-judgment 

This recording includes a special introduction by Lee where he discusses both the talk and the true nature of personal power, plus an empowering guided exercise to help us call back any power we may have given away in our lives.

Running Time: 53 minutes

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