Remagnetizing The Heart


Remagnetizing The Heart


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"The heart is a magnet when it is full."

“Emptiness is around so many right now. Not just the emptiness of feeling desires not being met or people who were once by your side no longer there, there is an energetic emptiness occurring because so much has been released on this planet. For this past five to six years indeed there has been a race to release. Within the spiritual set, so many are competitive in this act of releasing. Not towards others but with themselves. There is a push to purge. Many spiritual athletes out there who have led the way now find themselves at the finish line or so they thought. Exhausted, they find there is more to release, more to drop. It is now time to refuel. It’s time to re-magnetize your heart and its energy once more.”  - Ziadora through Lee


As you continue to experience massive internal and external changes in these rapidly accelerating times, you may find yourself running on empty.  You may be hungry for more peace, more love or more joy. The information and guided exercise included in this channel from Ziadora is for refueling and re-magnetizing your heart. Your full heart will lead you back to yourself so that you experience the self-love you've needed all along.  

If you've been navigating through minefields in your life, it's time to take your heart out of the bunker. It is time to reconnect with your heart and feelings to once again fulfill your dreams.

This channeled recording with introduction from Lee, was created at a special seminar evening held in Den Haag, Holland. 

Enjoy the journey!

Running time: 55 minutes

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