Rise of the Lightworkers (2017 - 2024)


Rise of the Lightworkers (2017 - 2024)


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You are a lightworker. In your own unique way, you change the frequencies of the people and places you touch. You are an energy master in the making — and becoming more so with each day. 

In this session, recorded live at the June 2017 Energy Mastery retreat in Los Angeles, Lee and the Zs turn up the dial on the spiritual power within you that is so important on the planet at this time.

Enjoy this buoyant and hope-filled ride—over the threshold and into this seven-year arc. As you listen to this audio, you will remember that you are a being of deep spiritual intelligence and great love, and it is time for you to open to all that is possible.

Highlights include:  

  • Knowing and living your purpose. 
  • How to tap into that which encompasses and holds ALL energy.
  •  Breaking the spell of loneliness and confusion. 
  • Overcoming heartbreak and alienation from others and yourself. 
  • Finding freedom from your personal history and the limitations of our collective story. 
  • Understanding the rising and descending energies of this time. 
  • The power of surrendering to spirit daily. 

Woven between the spoken words of this moving message is a very special kind of songful prayer, beautiful call-and-response singing with Lee and Narada Wise that will lift and carry you forward into the months and years ahead. 
Running time: 55 mins

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