A Self-Love Journey


A Self-Love Journey


This recording also comes with the bonus MP3 - You are Love. A 15 minute energy meditation to beautiful original music, designed to help you activate your self-love.  


A Self Love Journey is a 4 MP3 set of audio from Lee's one day seminar on 'Self Love', held in Berlin. Containing talks, channels and audience Q+A, this comprehensive audio journey will allow you to be at the seminar and learn more, receive more and activate a deeper energy of self-love in your life.

"I love Zapharia’s flame visualization! Absolutely brilliant" – M, U.S.A


Part 1 - Journey into Self Love

  • Introduction with Lee and intention setting.
  • Possible challenges to self-love - heartbreak, relationship with your body, patterns of behavior.
  • Breathing meditation from Sandra Heuschmann. 
  • 30 minute channel from Zachary - The Journey of Self Love. Using affirmations to help you to draw in self-love and release self-judgment, Zachary discusses the vital need for making time for ourselves; processes for releasing heartbreak, grief and “energy slavery” to others and finding the pure essence of self.

Part 2 - Self Love and The Mind

  • Introduction - the differences between words and energy.
  • Breathing meditation from Sandra Heuschmann. 
  • 55 minute Zapharia Channel – Self-Love & the Mind. Includes visualization of marrying yourself. Discussion of nature as a vital part of rebalancing the energy body and the spirit. Exercise for increasing the time spent on self-love. Exercise to amplify love and re-energize the heart (flame visualization).  Ending affirmation for choosing self-love. 

 Part 3 - Boundaries and Conclusion

  • A participant is hotseated and the topics are boundaries, family, anger, breaking out of old patterns and celebration of creativity.
  • A recap of the main points of the channels and the day -  Focusing self-love on body & spirit; Expression through Creativity; Receiving Positive Energies; Body Touch. 
  • Closing Ziadora Channel – Creating Love. Emphasis on Creativity and Self-Maintenance.

Original music by Dan Burke

Running Time - 3hrs 15mins

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