Shapeshifting MP3s


Shapeshifting MP3s


Shapeshifting is Lee's debut album and was recorded in 2001 at a remote residential studio in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, 2,500 ft above sea-level.  

Surrounded by incredible natural beauty and silence for the 7 week recording period, Shapeshifting was produced by Adam Fuest (Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Catatonia, Caron Wheeler, Jont) and the album features many talented musicians such as Hauschka (a.k.a. Volker Bertelmann). 

First released in 2002, Shapeshfiting was remastered and repackaged for 2010, and features the haunting single 'Hollow' with piano by Hauschka (video below).

Includes PDF book of lyrics.

Genre: Pop: British Pop
Release Date: 2010


1. Wood Met Fire

2. Innocence I Remember

3. Stumbling

4. Ghost of Myself

5. Sandcastle

6. Another Reason

7. You

8. Whirlwind

9. A Million Times

10. Hollow


"Harris' debut album is a beautifully crafted, multi-layered expression of male emotion. The heartfelt vocals are emotionally fuelled by the very personal, simple and deeply moving lyrical content. An album begging further investigation." – Wendy Bronika , for 'Making Music' UK.

"This album is like a great poem, in that you find yourself thinking about it at odd moments and wondering about it......Harris needs to be heard....He's the type of artist that is going to make a difference." Adele Nozedar, founder of Rhythm King Records and previous A&R Head of Arista UK.

"....few voices deserve the label ethereal but Harris' epitomizes the very concept of the word. Powerful and heartfelt, it is the sound of a soul opened for the world to hear. As the striking cover image testifies, this is a man who has laid himself bare." – Niall Bakewell, for 'Music of the Future', Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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