Soul Fuel - Vol. 2

Soul Fuel Vol 2 Artwork - Final.jpg
Soul Fuel Vol 2 Artwork - Final.jpg

Soul Fuel - Vol. 2


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"You are here to weave golden threads for others and for yourself."

Continue the ‘Soul Fuel’ journey with this collection of four channels from Lee's 2016 Soul Ignition Tour of Phoenix, Austin, Houston and Denver. While the format mirrors ‘Soul Fuel Vol. 1’, the channels gathered for Volume 2 serve as a golden invitation to remember that you are here as a creator, a healer, and an agent of change.

Allow these inspired 'Soul Ignitions’ to wash over you, activating the momentous power of your heart and soul, freeing you to step with confidence into your whole, multi-dimensional self. Feel them gently guiding you along the path to embracing your fire, your power, your strength and your love for the benefit of yourself - as well as for a world that needs you now more than ever before.

Listen to the channels together or separately, supported throughout by original music from sound healer/composer, Davor Bozic.

Highlights include:

  • Bringing the Higher Self into the body.

  • Healing your ancestral line through happiness.

  • Discovering your next level of strength as a sensitive.

  • Remembering your power is always available when you go beyond the human struggle.

  • Saving the world through saving yourself.

Running time: 53 minutes

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