Soul Fuel - Vol. 1


Soul Fuel - Vol. 1


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"Your soul is pure potential every day. Give it fuel, and let yourself fly!"

Fuel your soul with this groundbreaking collection of four channels from Lee's 2016 Soul Ignition Tour of Asheville, Ottawa, Toronto and Annapolis. Allow yourself to access the distilled and powerful energy of these unique 'Soul Ignitions', sharing the healing and transformation experienced at each event and providing you with a map of love upon which to travel for a more fulfilling future.

With original music from sound healer/composer Davor Bozic framing each of the messages, listen to them together or separately to create your own journey of Soul Ignition.

Highlights include:

   - Discovering how to allow more love into your life (the warmth, nurture and well-being that love brings is waiting for you).

  - Helping you to do what it is you need to do to help you move forward as a steward of the new Earth.

- Learning how to be comfortable and centered when leaving the familiar, finding the middle ground and activating new purpose.

- Leading you forward to find and activate the gold in your soul.

As we learn to navigate the power shake-down currently on the planet, this recording will gift you with the passion, nourishment and insight to lead from your golden soul.

Running Time: 46 minutes

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