Stand In Your Sovereignty


Stand In Your Sovereignty


Stand in Your Sovereignty is the first in a special series of recordings excerpted from Lee’s 3-day Self-Leadership retreat held at Gold Lake near Boulder, Colorado.


Featuring talks from Lee, channels from the Z's and guided exercises for individual expansion, Stand in Your Sovereignty guides you to uncover and release the blocks to your sovereign power; to discover the innate power of the self; to navigate and embrace your emotions and allow yourself to become the leader within.


Part 1: Zachary Channel – Sovereignty

Zachary discusses recognizing your sovereign being within; offers processes for mastering emotional movement inside the self; and gives guidance around releasing present and past-life wounds on the path to embracing your sovereignty.

Part 2: Talk and group exercise for manifestation and self-value with Lee.

Ziadora channel offering a process for releasing the group exercise and a closing meditation on expanding self-perception.

Total running time: 1 hour 31 mins

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