The Expanded Self


The Expanded Self


"What an amazing experience! So great to be able to hear both you and Wendy and the P's and Z's together - Thank You!" – Janice, USA

Living in these fast times can be challenging and finding the balance point can be a constant art.

Lee Harris and Wendy Kennedy (of Higher Frequencies) designed this broadcast to share some of the key themes that have come up for people they have worked with over the last few years. It also looks at some of their own personal challenges around keeping balance in a fast changing world. Originally recorded in June 2013, this astonishing set of recordings is still brilliantly relevant today; during the channeled sections, an amazing amount of new information came through from the P's & Z's to help us navigate these turbulent times.

The recording is a set of 3 MP3s

Part I - Lee offers his perspective and channels The Z's
Part II - Wendy shares her experiences and channels The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective
Part III - Lee and Wendy (along with the P's & Z's) answer audience questions

Total audio running time: 3 hours

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