The Heart of Humanity


The Heart of Humanity


"Within your heart is found the core of who you are, for your heart is the doorway to all potential and power within you." – Ziadora through Lee


This channel was Ziadora's second public appearance in New York. She spoke of all matters of the heart - those within each of us and within humanity, revealing that in working with your own heart energy you will uncover the truth of others. This channel is wide in scope covering much ground and focuses on key areas including:

  • Opening your heart within and to humanity
  • The open-hearted future we are now creating on Earth
  • The male and female energies present within your heart
  • A guided exercise to release any heartbreaks you may have toward others or yourself

This channel is both an education on that energy and a healing exercise to let go of past heartbreak. Enjoy the journey back to your wholeness of heart for you are the heart of humanity.

Total running time: 48 minutes

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