The Mastery of Freedom


The Mastery of Freedom


The Mastery of Freedom was originally a 4-part online class. Hugely successful with well over 100 participants, it was created to take you deeply into the energy of Freedom in yourself. During the four classes of this course, you are invited to join Lee and Zapharia (Lee's guide) as they invite you to explore the depth of living in freedom in the 21st Century. You will be guided through the stages of growth and resistance encountered as your awareness and sense of inner freedom expands. Practical exercises are given throughout to help you manifest that freedom in your outer life. The intention of this course is to deliver more of the knowledge, energy, tools and insights required to help you blossom the energy of a great freedom in your life.

The four classes are: 

  • Release to Expand
  • Trust to Commit
  • Open to Receive
  • Awaken to Loving Life

Total Running Time - 6 Hours (in 8 parts)

Do I need to complete The Freedom Exercises before I do this? 

Not at all. If you feel drawn to take that journey first, please do, but it is not a requirement. If you choose to do The Freedom Exercises first, Lee suggests you listen to a CD from the Freedom Exercises each week prior to a class, but it is not essential. Please follow your own resonance on this.  

Testimonials from the broadcast:

Today, right after the session, I started feeling totally elated, and everything, everyone, even the weather is smiling: I just can’t believe it! It is amazing what channeling and group energy can do! I am experiencing a deep sense of joy. AND I FEEL SO MUCH FREEDOM INSIDE ME. Have been wanting to laugh and cry with joy at the same time. And am feeling so expanded… like in my best highs. Thank you, to ALL of you for this! I feel so grateful! – ANNE, USA

Today’s Mastery of Freedom class – Release – was awesome and on point. Lee and Zapharia were off the chart! I am feeling so beautiful and so ready to chill out for I know that all is well. – MARILYN, FRANCE

This class was phenomenal, I am so glad I decided to participate and it felt very personal. Zapharia is such a gentle and loving energy, I felt a powerful transmission during her channel. The ascension of the energetic body exercise was particularly good. Thank you so much Lee, it was an absolute joy, and perfect timing for me. Can’t wait for the next one. – KIM, UK

I just wanted to say how much I LOVED the class. It spoke to exactly how I feel right now & added to it & expanded to it so much. I could never have imagined this freedom for my life. So THANK YOU Lee and Zapharia. Wonderful work & Lee you’re a truly gifted teacher. – THEA, UK

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