The Power Channels


The Power Channels


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In this dual audio experience, recorded live in Hawaii and Toronto, Lee and the Zs take you on a sensory-rich excursion, carrying you back to the womb of your soul power. Weaving multi-dimensional music with the sounds of the mighty ocean, they invite a visceral remembering of the way that water reconnects you to your fullest potential. These 40 minutes offer a palpable experience of how Nature itself will always bring you home to your deepest and most loving self, even when you're temporarily caught in the human “mind prison” of separation and fear.

Highlights of this channel include: 

  • Understanding the power fusion within you — where your divine energy meets your human energy. 
  • Learning how you, as an energy master, can more easily handle conflict energy and other people who are in pain. 
  • Discovering the simple secret to knowing your purpose in every moment. 
  • Knowing how to become as alive as you can possibly be. 

This transformative audio is a real-time experience of what Lee and the Zs call “soul-led living”—a simple yet profound way of being that you nourish every time you turn toward the spiritual power within you. 
Running time: 40 mins

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