The Sovereign Heart


The Sovereign Heart


The Sovereign Heart is Part Two in the Self-Leadership Series, Part One being Stand in Your Sovereignty. These recordings are excerpted from Lee's 3-day Self-Leadership retreat held at Gold Lake, near Boulder, Colorado.


Featuring three full-length channels from the Z's, The Sovereign Heart takes a closer look at the components of the body and mind, self-trust, self-love and self-guidance with the intent to uplift, inspire and expand your own sense of self-leadership.


Part 1

Zapharia Channel - Body/Mind & Self-Trust

Zapharia shares her insights into: The body/mind connection of sovereign beings; The importance of allowing release; The necessity of and exercise for increasing your self-trust.

Ziadora Channel - The Sovereign Heart

Ziadora guides you through: Leading with heart and vision; Allowing the resting heart; Navigating loss to allow the growth that comes from it; Allowing space to feel within a busy life; Processes for and an exercise on feeling more of your own love.

Part 2

Zachary & Zapharia Channel - The Sovereign Self

Zachary's main themes include: Recognizing the self that is you is full of your past experience, and the ways in which your past can be your greatest strength as well as you greatest anchor; Self-Leadership as the key to forward movement; Knowing yourself without fear; Exercises for full-body clearance and self-forgiveness and a journey through past-life incarnations.

Zapharia closes with a special message on Self-Sovereignty.

Total running time: 2 hours, 11 minutes

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