Warrior of Vulnerability & Light


Warrior of Vulnerability & Light


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Far from being a state of weakness or fragility, vulnerability is one of the greatest transformative powers that exists. When we show others who we really are (someone who has needs, someone who runs out of energy sometimes, someone who has dreams that matter, someone who cares about the pain in the world) we become the medicine that heals the human heart. A megawatt force of love and emotional realness. In this profound audio session, recorded live at the Channel Panel event in Los Angeles, September 2015, Lee and the Z’s shine a rarified light on aspects of vulnerability, love, and personal leadership that can change the way you approach your life.


  • Being a leader and its relationship to communicating with honesty and authenticity.
  • Speeding up positive change in areas where you have been struggling with patterns (around love, money, health, work, or any other part of your life).
  • Finding freedom from the intimacy killer known as the self-judgment paradigm.
  • Knowing what to do when the fear of vulnerability and connection arise in you or those around you.
  • Emanating the frequency of the qualities you most wish to see in the world—being Love’s ambassador.

Sending out a clear call to action, Lee and the Z’s are unequivocal in their message: You can absolutely change the destiny of your life by speaking differently, by choosing differently. Shake up the game for yourself and everybody else. Take the risk. Say what is real for you. Be vulnerable. As you do, your whole life will glow with the magic and benevolence that is alive and well, both inside of you and in the world.

Running time: 74 minutes

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