Manifesting from the Future

What would you like to manifest one year from now? What would you like to create, allow, or experience? Is it a new love, an upward shift in your career, increased health, or more money to do the things that deeply inspire you? In this fast-moving, heartwarming (and often hilarious) audio seminar, recorded live at the Radical Prosperity workshop in Los Angeles in November 2015, Lee starts off right away revealing a profound key to manifesting that can change everything in an instant. Hint: It has little to do with goal-setting and action steps (although those are important!) and everything to do with feeling.

Scroll down for an audio preview. 

Step-by-step, Lee weaves together an abundance and prosperity process that you can adapt to your liking.

Highlights include:

  • An illuminated relationship with money—establishing a new relationship that is all your own, free from the stories of the past.
  • Self-honesty as an essential component of manifesting—identifying your internal thoughts about yourself and the things you desire.
  • The shadow of money and manifestation—acknowledging your inner blockages to having so you can easily maneuver around them! The good news for all of us: They are smaller and easier to work with than we think they are.
  • Never-ending wealth—understanding that the love you have in your life (and your growing support network) is at the heart of radical prosperity.

This remarkable audio program—which concludes with a specially chosen piece of music from Lee’s Adventures in Sound series—is an opportunity to transform your relationship with your ability to create and receive… and to reap the rewards of that change for the rest of your life.

Running time: 59 minutes


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