Your Psychic Self


Your Psychic Self


"Thank you so much Lee. I am blown away by how perfect this was for me. I am gaining so much in self-understanding."

"Thank you Lee and the Z's for this release. What a beautiful sharing of who you are, the experience we are all feeling as sensitives and our evolution in becoming masters of ourselves and our gifts. This is a treasure."

This special set of 2 MP3 recordings contains:

  • Energy talk and insights on how we experience, interact with and bring awareness to our psychic sides.
  • Lee's personal psychic experiences in working with people and in everyday life.
  • A guided exercise to help you bring to your daily awareness your own psychic ability.
  • 2 channels from Zapharia and Ziadora, on how we experience and can grow our psychic selves as humans.

Total running time: 2 hours 

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