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Set the stage for an empowered year ahead with channeled teaching, practical workshop sessions, movement practices, meditations, self-care exercises, and more.

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Lee & the Z's Message for 2024...

"This year’s theme, given to me by my guides, the Z’s, is ENTER YOUR NEXT LEVEL. 


2024 marks a period of a new consciousness on Earth - a time to access untapped realms of creation and self-growth. Though it may not feel this way in the present moment, there is so much more of you just waiting to be opened up; the question is, what will YOU allow? The past few years have required many of us to go to the depths of our being in order to transmute big energies. Now we have the opportunity to use what we’ve learned as fuel to propel us to a new level. The way that we will accomplish this is by consciously expanding our awareness, which in turn expands our energy field, making us more powerful, radiant, and abundant. As we dive into this in the course, you will feel a shift on a practical and energetic level. It’s time to upgrade your system so you can live in greater harmony with your inner and outer worlds."

This course is for you if you want to...

Set Intentions

January is a fertile time for new opportunities and new beginnings. Consciously creating intentions sets energy in motion. Lee and the Z’s exploration of the themes of 2024 will help you center your focus, clarify your highest aspirations, and direct the intention setting process.

Expand Your Heart Power

According to the Z’s, heart energy is the currency of the future and this will be a major theme in 2024. Love is the bridge that will carry us over to the next part of our lives. Lee and the Z’s will work with your body and spirit on an energetic level to become more heart conscious and heart open.

Raise Your Vibration

Lee and the Z’s will work with you and your energy field to transmute old, stagnant energies and create a renewed frequency. Their guidance, as well as the teachings and tools, will elevate your vibration. You’ll feel lighter and brighter.

 Reconnect to Your Soul

What is your divine signature? What is the essence of your soul that is so unique to you that it could never be replicated? Lee and the Z’s will help you remember exactly why you are here and how to become even more of your radiant self.

Tend to Your Inner Flames

The Z’s have been clear that 2024 will be a year of fire. This powerful element of creation and destruction lives within each of us, and Lee and his guides will teach us how to ignite it, transmute it, and channel it in ways that serve us. Inner fire awareness will be crucial in 2024.

Shed Layers

The Z’s invite you to pull back every piece of yourself to reveal the core of your being. Shedding what no longer serves us opens up the space needed to become more of who we are meant to be, and thus, heightens our creative and conscious path.  

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Here's what people are saying about their Rebirth experience from years past...


6 Days of Magic

This course is made up of 6 main moudules plus various bonus materials. Once you register, you will be given lifetime access so that they can be revisited any time.


Lee shares practical and applicable tools needed specifically for the year ahead.

We provide guided meditations, energetic practices, and a self-care guide to support you during your Rebirth journey.

Lee answers audience questions related to the transmissions, teachings, and how the information applies to their own lives.

Master of well-being, Steven Washington, offers a qigong and wellness training to help you stay grounded in 2024 and beyond.

Lee has hand-selected 12 sound healing tracks to complement your healing, help integrate the Rebirth experience, and empower you in 2024.

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An Exclusive Channeled Message from the Z's

As a big THANK YOU for joining Rebirth, and to prepare you for the experience, we are including a free bonus channeled message from Lee's guides, the Z's. This message speaks to the vastness of our existence, our collective pain and the power on our planet right now, and where we are headed. 

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Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Teacher who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life. His celebrated books, Energy Speaks and Conversations with the Z's, became instant bestsellers and his intuitive messages reach hundreds of thousands of people every month via his free and highly popular monthly Energy Update Videos. His monthly members' community, The Portal, offers tools and interactive live teachings to go deeper with his work and be supported by and connect with a worldwide community. With over a hundred audio recordings and online courses for navigating a soul-led life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism, Lee also mentors creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his free Impact the World Podcast. His annual Soul Magic retreats, and workshops held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. As a musician and artist himself, Lee believes deeply in the power of our creativity for healing, and his acclaimed albums including Awaken and Timelines (produced with Davor Bozic) charted as high as No. 2 on the iTunes  and Amazon New Age charts.

The Next Level of Your Soul is Waiting to Be Unlocked...

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