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"Abundant living is when you are fully on your path and truly receiving all that your life wishes to offer you. This could manifest as a great partnership, great material wealth, great spiritual connection, great work that fulfills and nurtures you as much as it gives to those around you, great love of nature, or simply a great life experience upon this Earth."


So many people that I've worked with over the past 20 years have complained of struggling in these areas and have grown frustrated that they aren't living the prosperous life they want. I too spent many years in my twenties and thirties studying abundance and working on developing my own. I can honestly say that today my life is more abundant than ever, in all areas, and I'm extremely grateful for that. But I had to make several shifts in my psyche, and heal certain patterns and beliefs, which I continue to stretch and grow through even today. I also see how abundant circumstances are underpinned by a way of living, seeing and through exploring life every day with a more open heart and mind.


I designed Abundance Upshift to teach you that these states of abundance are available to us all. It just takes willingness to grow, intent to change and the right guidance.


During this online experience, I will guide you through 7 daily practices to show you how you can thrive and achieve happiness across all of these areas. These are given in short (under 10 minute) video and audio guides that you can use quickly every day, alongside more expanded video teachings that you can explore at your own pace. This is an interactive experience that includes video teaching, practical exercises, Qigong and wellness teaching from Steven Washington, private discussion boards for course members and so much more. And every video is also available as an audio download in case you prefer to listen.


I invite you to join a community of over 1,300 seekers from over 40 countries around the world who have already signed up for this enriching experience to bring more abundance into your everyday life. I believe that everyone benefits when we allow ourselves to become more abundant and that is the principle from which I teach abundance.


I've recorded an exclusive channeled audio recording called Ambassadors of Abundance, not available anywhere else, which you'll find as the starting point of your journey after you sign up.


I hope you'll join us for this important journey.



Your Guides for this Experience...


Here's What's Included...


7 Abundance Video Modules

7 powerful Abundance Video Teachings from Lee delivered every other day to help you upshift your abundance in all areas of life (20-30 mins each).

7 Daily Practice Videos

7 Daily Practice Videos where Lee will teach you specific techniques, each to be practiced daily for one week at a time, then re-used as needed (5-7 minutes each). 

Private Community Forum

You'll have access to  Private, Members-Only discussion boards where you can ask questions, get support, discuss the teachings and form community.

Qigong and Wellness Teaching

Wellness expert Steven Washington brings his Qigong teaching heartfelt guidance and mindfulness practices to the course in his own video module.

Downloadable Audio

You'll get Downloadable Audio Files of every module so you can listen to the teaching on the commute or anywhere you go.

Private Members Area

All of your course videos, audios, community forum, downloads and bonus materials are neatly stored for you in a private members area, accessible via desktop or mobile.

Special Bonuses!

You'll get access to an Exclusive Bonus Audio Channel from Lee (not available anywhere else) called AMBASSADORS OF ABUNDANCE. As the course unfolds, you'll also have access to 3 Exclusive Interviews where Lee goes deep with abundance experts on breaking old patterns and allowing more abundance in your life. You'll also get access to a powerful 1-hour teaching from Lee called 7 Ways to Welcome Abundance.


The Course Modules Include...

This Exclusive Channeled MP3 Serves as a Powerful Introduction to the Course

Entering the Abundance Mindset and Breaking Up with Scarcity

Cleaning Up the Past and Letting Go of Anchoring History

How and Why You Are Already Operating in Abundance

Allowing the Art of Receiving to Heal You and All Others You Come Into Contact With

Crafting Your Abundance Dream, Mission and Intention

Why Money Loves You

Steven Washington's Abundance Body and Mindfulness Practices

Special Bonus Interviews...

Three 30-minute Video Conversations with friends who live spiritually abundant lives and who each have fascinating stories around manifesting financial wealth. Their experiences may surprise you!

Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author, New Thought leader, and creator of the crazy-popular "Notes from the Universe" whose books have been published in 26 languages. He was one of the featured teachers in The Secret and is the founder of a philosophical Adventurers Club that's now home to over 800,000 members. He lives what he teaches, traveling and speaking internationally to 156 cities, in 42 countries, on 6 continents. You can find Mike at:

Nicky Pattinson

Nicky is a communication and sales expert teaching individuals and international corporations how connection is gold in any service or customer relationship. You can find Nicky at:

Sara Landon

Successful corporate executive turned entrepreneur, channeler and spiritual teacher, Sara's work is fueling thought leaders all over the world with the wisdom, power, clarity and expertise they need to thrive and impact the world. You can find Sara at:

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Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Channeler and Musician who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life! His monthly members' community, THE PORTAL offers tools and interactive live teachings to go deeper with his work and connect with a worldwide community. With over a hundred audio recordings and online courses for navigating a soul-led life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism, Lee also mentors creatives, healers and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his free IMPACT THE WORLD PODCAST. His workshops, held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. As a musician and artist himself, Lee believes deeply in the power of our creativity for healing, and his acclaimed albums including I AM PEACE, TRANSMISSIONS and AWAKEN (produced by his label GOLDEN WORLD MUSIC with Davor Bozic) have charted as high as No. 1 on the iTunes and Amazon NEW AGE charts. Learn more...

"Lee Harris may be the most insightful, authentic and caring empath I have met in a lifetime of seeking." - Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities 

"Lee Harris is a rock-star medium. His insights are spot-on; his delivery real and accessible." - Scott Stabile, author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart

 "Lee Harris speaks for a new generation of spiritual seekers - those who know they have been told half-truths and wat to find meaning and depth in their lives." - Regina Meredith, journalist and host of Gaia TV's Open Minds

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