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The Portal Presents

Each month we bring in a world-class teacher to offer a unique teaching exclusively for Portal members. You'll also have access to a library of offerings that we've collected over the past several months - an incredible value, not available anywhere else.


Stacyann Forrester

I joined the Portal soon after discovering Lee's work. For me, the Portal is like deep, rich soil that continues to nourish me throughout my personal transformation and healing journey. It provides quality support that I know I can rely on to be just what I need each month. I love that support is delivered in diverse ways: a private online community, Qi gong practice, channeled recordings, and live energy tune-ups. Because of The Portal, I'm a stronger, heart-centered sensitive, making my way through the world with greater ease.

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Rod Diaz

I’ve been a Portal member for nearly four years, have listened to most of Lee’s MP3s, some of them multiple times, subscribed to some of his powerful online courses and attended his life-changing live events. I listen to Lee's energy updates and energy tune-up broadcasts on a monthly basis. Lee’s intuitive power and the ways in which he shares his energy mastery gently guide me towards finding my true North in all aspects of living and loving, in what often appears to be a chaotic world. He is a steady compass in fast-evolving times.

Linda Chippendale

I feel blessed to have found the Portal, it is a gathering of such high vibrational, caring, compassionate, supportive people; a wonderful rarity. Lee & the team give so much & make it all so easy & seamless. I have so much gratitude for the love, the resources & the feeling of community.

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Matthew Zimmerman

I enjoy being a member of the Portal community. I have connected with many wonderful people through it, having conversations and supporting one another as we try to find answers and seek guidance and connection. I also look forward to receiving Lee's new mp3 recording every month, which I usually listen to many times to support myself, especially through difficult moments or times. And the information in the monthly Energy Tune-Up broadcasts has been helpful and supportive to me. The broadcast itself offers a kind of energy healing in the process. The Qigong exercises in Steven Washington's monthly Body Energy Updates help me to clear my head, relax my body, and find greater calm and focus.

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Lisa Sara Cohen

I feel, as part of the original Portal group and long time Lee Harris traveler, I still get a pure energy boost just from Lee’s smiling face and caring heart when we go live or in replay. Our questions are beautifully orchestrated to be both individually and collectively answered. The Portal is an amazing community of global souls that kindly and vulnerably share as we often come together to support each other. Thank you for creating this space and being there for us on this mission. I am grateful!

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Adele Lewis

I joined The Portal not long after it began and was amazed to find I was one of four people from my small valley in western Montana. I love Lee’s MP3 recordings so receiving a new one each month is a welcome Portal membership gift. I am nearly always able to watch the monthly 90-minute live Q&A and greatly appreciate being able to also watch the recording later. I find with all of Lee’s work that multiple listening is beneficial because different aspects resonate with me at different times. Perhaps the main reason my Portal membership is so valuable to me is the feeling of connection with like-minded people from all over the world. It seems most of those who are drawn to Lee’s work are compassionate, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental, often having similar experiences and beliefs. We can share thoughts and stories openly, receiving only kindness, understanding, support, helpful suggestions. It’s like belonging to a growing tribe of amazing people. I feel I contribute more positive energy to our world because of my association with them.