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Monthly Energy Tune-Up

Each month, join Lee live online for a 30-minute reading on how to navigate the energies of the month. This is followed by a full hour of Lee answering your questions on romantic relationships, family, work, body, money, healing and transformation of the planet during these times. You can submit your questions on any topic.

Monthly MP3

Awesome, all-new content from Lee,
exclusively free with your subscription.

Audio Store Discount

Receive 25% off all audio purchases made in Lee’s online store.

Monthly Body Energy Update

Steven Washington will share a QiGong sequence video each month that's specifically aligned with that month's Energy Update. Past month sequences are archived for your viewing any time.

Energy Tune-Up Archive

The past year of monthly Energy Tune-Up broadcasts with Lee and the Zs is archived for you to return to at your leisure.

Community Forum

Connect with like-minded souls about Lee’s work, spirituality, energetics, global issues & more.

Art Store Discount

Receive 10% off any purchase of canvas prints, posters and even originals in Lee's Art Store!


Testimonials about The Portal

"Lee I cannot thank you, the Z's and your team enough. This was my first ‘Portal’ and it was a deep transcendent experience. All the questions asked were things I needed to hear and you even chose a question I emailed in! I was blown away. And even tho I listened to it after the fact, still, I felt the energy and honestly did feel like I was part of the group. My only regret is that it took me this long to join but I'm thrilled to be part of this uplifting energy exchange and know I'll grow and deepen and hopefully, help make a difference. Thank you soooooo much!!"

"Many thanks Lee, the Zs and all the team for the wonderful gifts you are sending out into the world. I am full of loving gratitude and heartfelt thanks. I've read/listened to the energy updates for years but only recently joined the portal. What an amazing resource!"

"Thank you for teaming up to keep and support the frequency going of Lee and the Zs. So Appreciate this Portal time, and everything about the energy sharing in a global community. Amazing!"

"I've been part of the portal community since 2015. My favorite thing about the Portal is to be able to share what's happening for me and realizing that others feel the same. It's been a gift for me to know that I'm not a weirdo in terms of my experiences and approach to life. :)"

"Yesterday I listened to the whole monthly Portal Q&A and it made me very happy. I got the feeling of coming home to a world I understand best. Wrote some tips down for myself. Afterwards I really felt supported by the energy. I feel like I can constantly rely on and trust the energyweb that exists through the group of likeminded people. It really helps me find my way! "

"I received a lot of clarity through last night’s q&a, as usual. I’m amazed about getting answers and insights to what’s going on in my life through other peoples’ questions. It’s a true blessing to be part of this loving community. Thanks to everyone!"

"I joined the Portal and listened to Lee Harris speak and it is the first time that I felt validated, valued and deeply heard. My heart opened just hearing the truth. I have like many of you felt isolated and alone and to connect with light workers is indeed a great blessing."