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Hello Friends...

This will be our 4th annual REBIRTH experience, and as it is our most popular offering each year, I know many of you will be returning for 2021. REBIRTH is always an amazing way to start the year as a community, but due to our 'very different' 2020, I felt strongly that REBIRTH 2021 needed to be different to prior years. 

So this year, all of the modules were delivered live for the first time, and the full replays are now available to you. I added in a lot more channeling from the Z's in each module and another new element are PDF transcripts of the videos and audio. 

But perhaps the biggest difference is that this year, REBIRTH 2021 has a single focus - 'NEXT-LEVEL' CREATION from both a grounded and a metaphysical perspective. 

How do we up-level the way we create our lives, our new world and our purpose here on Earth? 

The Z's recently said we are entering a time of accelerated creation in 2021, so I wanted to give them time and room to explain and explore that with us, and all of us time to prepare our own version of what that looks like. 

I'm so excited to take this journey with you, with the Z's and with our Lee Harris Energy team.

Big love



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The Experience Includes...

5 Sessions of All-New Teaching from Lee

Experience the very latest teaching from Lee and his guides, The Z's, over 5 modules to prepare you for the year ahead.

An Exclusive Channeled Recording Available as soon as You Register

The 30-minute channeled audio journey is not available anywhere else. It concludes with a brand new sound healing song from Lee & Davor Bozic.

Q&A with Lee and his Guides, The Z's

The last module was a Q&A where Lee and The Z's answered audience questions to give clarification on the teaching and to address personal needs.

Audio & Video Replays, Worksheets + Written Transcripts of Every Session

Full video replays of every session are provided alongside downloadable audio recordings, supplemental PDF worksheets and typewritten transcripts so you can experience the teaching in whatever way you prefer.

A Movement and Mindfulness Training from Steven Washington

Become grounded with a live Qigong session (designed for all levels) taught by movement and meditation expert Steven Washington.

Engaging Discussion Boards + A Private Facebook Group 

Connect with the Lee Harris Energy Team and your fellow course attendees on discussion boards inside the course, plus a private Facebook Group that will remain open to you indefinitely.

All of this PLUS a free app (optional) for easy access on mobile devices, lifetime access to all materials in your private members' area, dependable customer service to ensure a great experience and more...
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The 6 Days of Teaching

The modules are available to you as soon as you register and you can go through them at whatever pace feels most comfortable.

You are here to create your life at the highest level, for you and for others.
(Channeled information and Activation)

How your energy is creating your life. How your smallest steps and actions can change your reality, and how to know which actions to use and when.
(Channeled information and Activation)

Collaborations, Co-Creative Relationships and deepening the SELF relationship to fully heighten your creative power.
(Channeled information and Activation)

Awaken your energy and get grounded with a live movement session from Qigong and Pilates teacher, Steven Washington. (Gentle and suitable for beginners)

Reconnecting to your Joy, Passion and sense of fulfillment to deepen who you are here to be and what you are here to do.
(Channeled information and Activation)

Dedicated Q+A Session between Lee and the Z’s and REBIRTH Students. Connect in to the group questions and answers to gather more insights and releases for your own journey.

Register Now for $99 USD
Portal Members Register for $79 USD

What People are Saying about Rebirth 2021...

"I can't begin to share with you what an amazing, wonderful, magnificent experience Rebirth has been for me so has answered everything that I have been doubting about myself and my path.

It has helped me feel more certain about myself and what I have been able to achieve so far. Wow!!!! I feel so joyous, vibrant, happy...Thank you, thank you, thank you Lee, all your team and the Z's."

- Bibiana Lopez

"Oh my Goodness! I just caught up with Module 3 tonight - so very powerful, practical and inspiring. I've never been part of a community like this before, and I'm just clicking my heels in delight!"

- Sue G.

"This Rebirth is AMAZING! The energy movement is profound. I'm grateful for far too many things to list. This community is such a source of Love."

- Day H.

"I can feel how fiercely the whole Lee Harris Energy team is holding all of us. Thank you for the safe container. And thank you to all the participants all over our beautiful globe showing up, creating this collective synergy for our rebirth. This healing is for the whole planet."

- Shaula Z.



The Exclusive Channeled Sound Healing Journey from Lee and Davor Bozic

Available to You as Soon as You Register. Not Available Anywhere Else. 

This groundbreaking recording was recorded exclusively for Rebirth 2021 participants...

Lee and composer/producer, Davor Bozic, have teamed up to create a 35-minute channeled audio journey (plus an 8-minute standalone song MP3) that is designed to prepare you for the Rebirth 2021 experience. It is comprised of important messages from Lee's guides, The Z's, plus a gorgeous sound healing sonic landscape and an original song titled "The Eye of the Storm."

This recording is not available anywhere else. It will be made available to you to stream or download as soon as you register.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Lee Harris

Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guide, who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live a better life. His book, ENERGY SPEAKS, became an instant bestseller in March 2019, and his intuitive messages reach hundreds of thousands of people every month via his free and highly popular monthly Energy Update videos. With over a hundred audio recordings and online courses for navigating a soul-led life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism, Lee also mentors creatives, healers and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his IMPACT THE WORLD training program and weekly video podcast. His annual SOUL MAGIC retreats, and workshops held around the globe are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. As a musician and artist himself, Lee deeply believes in the power of our creativity for healing, and incorporates sound-healing and creativity into many of his works. Lee and his musical collaborator Davor Bozic released their acclaimed music album AWAKEN in November 2020.

About Steven Washington

Steven has been teaching Qigong at events around the world since 2015. From the many participants at these events, and in his one-on-one sessions, he has found that this gentle movement practice is a brilliant, effective tool for anyone wishing to balance themselves and shift energy within their body.

His life-long passion and a key foundation to his own spiritual fitness has been movement. He had a long career touring the world as a contemporary dancer, and also appearing on Broadway (and touring productions) in Disney’s The Lion King. He is a certified Lee Holden Qigong instructor and has taught groups and individuals for over 20 years in Pilates, Dance, Physical Fitness and Qigong. His study of Chinese medicine and certification as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist has added to his knowledge of the body.

He teaches his popular Core Qigong movement class live online every Tuesday evening.