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Join Lee Harris for Soul Magic, an immersive journey online where channeled messages are integrated with the transcendent music of composer Davor Bozic to create a rare transformative collaboration -  channeled teachings and customized musical performances. The music, created in real time in direct response to the teaching, is tuned to 528 Hz, the Love Frequency, to deepen the experience, promote healing and expand our consciousness.

This online experience includes 7 sessions, each lasting about 60-90 minutes, from June 14th - 26th. This will include live broadcasts from Lee, unique sessions with Lee & Davor creating magic in the room together, audience Q&A with Lee and an exclusive live performance from Grammy-nominated music mantra artists Deva Premal & Miten.

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Why Soul Magic?

"In 2016, I began hosting the first of 4 annual Soul Magic retreats, first in Hawaii and then in Costa Rica. Davor would join me to create a live musical soundtrack that added another layer of depth to the experience. In the evenings, we hosted special sessions where attendees would build their own little nest of pillows and blankets and lie down for an hour or more, and I'd channel my guides while Davor accompanied me with beautiful music inspired by the messages being received. The result was always a deeply transformative message and experience. The music allowed the teaching to expand and created a greater level of integration and activation for all of us. The feedback from the attendees was immediate and undeniable, and these sessions were the highlight moments for many there. I knew I wanted to find a way to bring this unique experience to a wider audience where the larger expenses of travel and accommodations weren't necessary. With the Z’s making it clear to me that they have important teaching to share, I knew it was time to figure that out and get together in person with Davor and create this special online Soul Magic journey for you. The teachings are among the most profound messages yet from the Z’s and something I can’t wait to share with you, as they are uplifting, galvanizing and fascinating messages about the nature of who we are as humans and souls at this time on Earth. I’m excited for all of us to come together and have an experience that helps us make the changes we want to see in our lives and be part of the current consciousness shift on earth." - Lee

What's Included...

Two Live Sessions with Lee

Lee will lead two live broadcasts on June 14th and 26th where he'll deliver an intuitive teaching specific to the group that's assembled then channel his guides, the Z's.

4 Channeled Modules from Lee featuring Music from Davor Bozic

Working together in the same room, Lee delivers powerful channeled wisdom while Davor creates magical music in response to the messages that are coming through for a transformative experience. The themes that emerged are listed below

A Live Performance from Deva Premal & Miten

The world-renowned musical artists will create a live concert experience exclusively for our Soul Magic audience on June 22nd. 

A Mini Audio Workshop Available as Soon as You Register

We've curated a selection of channeled teachings from Lee's 2017 Costa Rica Retreat to set the table and prepare you for the Soul Magic experience ahead.

An All-New Remix Album

Teaming up with world-renowned producers and DJ's, we're debuting a brand new remix album of Lee & Davor's music called Metamorphs exclusively for Soul Magic participants - not yet available anywhere else.

Replays, Transcripts and Lifetime Access

We'll provide full video replays of every session as well as transcripts of all the channeled teaching, all neatly stored for you online in your private member's area for lifetime access.

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The Channeling & Music Modules

While the majority of their collaborations happen when they're halfway around the world from one another, Davor traveled to be with Lee in person to create something unique. The results were four  transformative sessions (60-80 minutes in length each), which we'll release between June 16th - 23rd, where Lee channels his guides, the Z's, while Davor performs music in response to the messages that comes through. Each session has a powerful and distinct theme intended for maximum growth and expansion.

A Live Concert Experience Specifically for Soul Magic Participants

The Grammy-nominated, globetrotting mantra music artists, Deva Premal & Miten, will perform an intimate live concert broadcast exclusively for our Soul Magic audience. Their shows are a fusion of sacred mantras and heart-centered songs that will warm your heart, raise your vibration and make you feel like you've made two new friends.

A Special Mini-Workshop is Available to You as Soon as You Register

When you sign-up, you'll get immediate access to 4 channeled audio recordings that work together to prepare you for the experience ahead. The teachings were delivered at Lee's Soul Magic Retreat in 2017 and will ignite your transformation and accelerate your soul's potential.

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Metamorphs: The Remix Album

Lee teamed up with a group of incredible producers and DJ's to remix original songs that he created with Davor Bozic. The result was Metamorphs, a collection of reinvented songs where the heart and artistry of our collaborators are infused into each track for amazing results. We're sharing this exclusively for Soul Magic participants in early June and it won't be available anywhere else until later this summer. We hope you enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Lee Harris

About Lee Harris

Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Teacher who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live a better life! His celebrated books, Energy Speaks and Conversations with the Z's, became instant bestsellers and his intuitive messages reach hundreds of thousands of people every month via his free and highly popular monthly Energy Update Videos. His monthly members' community, The Portal, offers tools and interactive live teachings to go deeper with his work and be supported by and connect with a worldwide community. With over a hundred audio recordings and online courses for navigating a soul-led life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism, Lee also mentors creatives, healers and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his free Impact the World Podcast. His retreats and workshops held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. As a musician and artist himself, Lee believes deeply in the power of our creativity for healing, and his acclaimed albums including Awaken, I am Peace  and Timelines (produced with Davor Bozic) have charted as high as No. 2 on the iTunes & Amazon New Age charts.

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