Entering Multidimensionality

As the levels of vibration of our planet and of mass consciousness continue to rise, awareness of our own multidimensionality is more accessible than ever before. In this channeled message, Lee's guides, The Z's, offer an introduction to a broader perspective of multidimensionality, and an invitation to begin walking in that realm in our daily living.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion this recording above. Enjoy a preview!

Scored by the music and frequencies of Davor Bozic, this MP3 set also includes a short closing meditation which, in addition to being a part of the full recording, is provided as a separate MP3. So if you don’t have time to listen to the entire download or you simply want to revisit the meditation, you can quickly access it and be directed by The Z’s as to how to reconnect with your multidimensionality. 

“The reason to embrace multidimensionality is to experience the highest octaves of love, connection, and the spirit while in the human body. The byproduct of this is when you are accessing it, you are also spreading it into the world.”

Includes PDF Transcript

Running times:

Full recording - 56 minutes

Meditation - 15 minutes


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